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Frangibility degrees of eggshell stickers

Frangibility degrees of eggshell stickers


Frangibility Eggshell Sticker

Eggshell sticker is composed of a very weak, brittle substrate and aggressive adhesive which ensure that the sticker will be disintegrated into many small components if any attempt is made to remove it. So it's a frangible product, but to its frangibility, we have different degrees to meet different usage environment. Mainly we have easy broken, medium broken and hard broken.

Easy broken: just like the name, when we remove this sticker, it is very easy to be broken. Normally it is used in the place where a slight movement is not welcome. Also because of this character, exhausting is not included during the production.

Medium broken: just normal, not so that brittle and not so that easy to be broken. This is the most popular frangibility degree to the market. Also for this one, exhausting is not included during production, too.

Hard broken: this one is the hardest degree to be broken. To this one, its biggest advantage is that the exhausting can be done during its production.

Besides these three main parts, also we have other products which has been done fine tuning to different frangible levels to meet different conditions. What we have done is to offer a more satisfactory experience for our customers.

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