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Health care products anti-smuggling system, plan the market system

by:Fullgo     2022-11-12
The information interconnected enterprise manages health care products, and jointly assists the healthy and stable development of enterprise product management, price control and consumer evaluation. The anti-smuggling system assigns code and record information to each batch of products on the node, and has detailed time records and quantity records for product entry and exit. When you need to query later, you can see the system when you open it. By allowing agents at all levels to scan the code for receipt and delivery, the company can clearly understand the flow of goods. The anti-smuggling system of health care products can effectively achieve refined data management through systematic management of commodities. When the company produces products, after scanning the code in the box and out of the warehouse, it can automatically bind the dealer information sold in the managed area, and know the flow direction of the product through the logistics distribution track. The whole process is tracked to grasp the specific consumption data, to make prevention strategies, and the anti-smuggling system collects the data of consumers' purchased products according to time and region, and the consumer market can be known by viewing. Track the logistics information in the product circulation channel, monitor the product circulation of the dealers in various forms through market monitoring and consumer-assisted inspection, check whether there is smuggling, if there is smuggling, you can obtain evidence, and at the same time master the whole process of product circulation . Data collection and tracking can be carried out in all aspects of product warehousing, logistics, distribution, transportation, inspection and sales. Through tracking, you can check the receipt and receipt of all products to dealers, and through consumer scan code data, you can understand all levels. The dealer's sales dynamics and inventory data are displayed in real time. Carry out hierarchical management and unified management of agent behavior. The system automatically evaluates the performance of each dealer, selects outstanding agents and rewards them. Through low cost and zero manpower, agents can be retained. It can realize the tracking of the flow of goods, and the information will be updated in each link of the output. The anti-smuggling system conducts data analysis on the scanning code of consumers and manages users in layers. Track the logistics direction of goods in various places, control the whereabouts of goods, and prevent and control the goods. The commodity anti-smuggling system applies information interconnection technology to assign logistics codes to commodities, allowing enterprises to track the various flows of commodities. It can prevent agents from selling goods, maintain brand safety in an all-round way, protect the interests of consumers, and seek sustainable development for enterprises. Record commodity circulation information and sales, prevent smuggling, master product flow direction data, and conduct commodity escape inspections.
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