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Holographic security label paper

by:Fullgo     2023-01-26
Holographic anti-counterfeiting label paper Holographic anti-counterfeiting paper is a general term for special papers with markings or hidden marks (patterns, patterns, watermarks, numbers, etc.) on the surface, which are not easy to be imitated, counterfeited or altered. Anti-counterfeiting holographic paper is produced by laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology Security paper. Anti-counterfeiting holographic paper is a holographic product based on paper, which is divided into two types: transfer type and non-transfer type. It can be positioned by laser or full-plate laser. Laser anti-counterfeiting technology and paper are combined to make anti-counterfeiting paper. Laser paper The cat's eye wrapping paper made by laser anti-counterfeiting technology is a new type of wrapping material made by the latest UV imposition process and deep stripe embossing technology. The first is the transfer method: using the holographic anti-counterfeiting technology and special equipment, the molded holographic image transfer method (hot stamping, composite peeling, UV light curing, etc.) is partially or fully transferred to the paper. The second is the direct plating method: the paper is coated with a polymer coating and directly plated with aluminum, and then the holographic image is molded. The characteristics of the anti-counterfeiting holographic paper that improve the anti-counterfeiting performance are as follows: ① Since the holographic pattern is directly made on the paper, the plastic information layer is removed, so it is rarely copied and impossible to transfer; ② The transfer method can be based on the paper on the paper. Patterns and business requirements design, plate making, and produce different textures and grams of paper (70-400g) required by businesses, such as coated paper, cardboard, cardboard, and can also be offset like ordinary paper, silk screen printing, etc. ; ③ The price is only slightly more expensive than ordinary composite gold and silver cardboard, which is equivalent to one-tenth of the price of holographic anti-counterfeiting trademarks, and saves the labor cost of labeling, so it is easily accepted by merchants; will pollute the environment. Currently commonly used anti-counterfeiting technology:  A. Physical anti-counterfeiting:    a. Laser anti-counterfeiting: It is very common and looks fancy, but it is not difficult to counterfeit it now, and it is everywhere;   b. Nano anti-counterfeiting: Although only a few foreign companies have this technology at present, the popularization of this kind of counterfeiting technology is a matter of time;   c. Chemical ink anti-counterfeiting: chemical ink is not difficult to buy, and it is not easy for consumers to distinguish, and few are used   d. DNA biological anti-counterfeiting: Once the secret of the DNA formula is leaked, the anti-counterfeiting will completely collapse
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