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How are products traceable? Application of China Business Network Traceability System

by:Fullgo     2022-11-21
The China Business Network Traceability System is applied in every link of management, and the quality inspection report allows consumers to buy with confidence, and the human (object) + process allows consumers to form cognitive traceability and assist enterprises to create product value. The production traceability system can help producers obtain the production information, processing information, the person in charge of the production process, the time, location, logistics order number, delivery quantity, storage information, etc. of the product in real time. Through the computer Internet and other technologies, it is convenient for every consumer and manager to quickly understand the source and transportation process of the product, and on the basis of improving the safety monitoring of the product, the quality of the product is guaranteed. Customers can easily view product information traceability, that is, the reverse circulation of products from the downstream to the upstream of the supply chain, the ability to identify the source of the product, and trace the origin, use and location of the product by recording the identification method. The implementation can effectively optimize the production management mode of the enterprise, strengthen process management and control, realize real-time monitoring of each production link, realize data sharing through the combination with other production systems, and enhance the collaborative office between various departments of the enterprise. Improved work efficiency. To ensure the high-quality production of the producer while safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers, by scanning the traceability code pasted on the product, you can easily find detailed information about the product in the database, including: brand information, origin, production date, etc., Know the fundamentals of the product, and buy with confidence. Collect information to form a full-cycle traceability system for product traceability files, manage all aspects of products, and achieve full traceability; for enterprises, it can improve product quality and facilitate product tracking management. The system can trace the entire product cycle, information can be queried, the cause of the problem can be found out, and the product in question can be recalled in time, and the information of each process can be viewed, so that consumers can trust the brand more. As long as it is related to the product, it can be clearly understood by scanning the traceability code. Use consumption as the engine to guide production, provide personalized customized services, and control all aspects of user preferences, so as to truly grasp customers in their own hands. Through the strict control and management of the traceability system, each product that leaves the factory can be traced through the code scanning to trace the production information, raw material information, including the raw materials of the product, production process, quality inspection information, logistics information, sales records, etc. .
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