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How does the anti-counterfeiting label factory produce anti-counterfeiting labels?

by:Fullgo     2023-01-04
Consumerism is on the rise, all kinds of counterfeit and shoddy products are also flooding the market, and the anti-counterfeiting awareness of enterprises and consumers is getting stronger and stronger. How are the small anti-counterfeiting labels on the goods produced? Because anti-counterfeiting labels need to avoid plagiarism from inferior manufacturers, the production methods used are generally very technical, and in order to meet the anti-counterfeiting needs of each product, different manufacturers make different products for different companies. The anti-counterfeiting labels are also different. Therefore, the requirements for anti-counterfeiting label factories that produce anti-counterfeiting labels will also be stricter. Generally speaking, three steps are required: First, the label factory must provide the enterprise with its own qualification certificate, such as business license, production license, trademark registration and other certificates. Copy and stamp the official seal of the factory to give the enterprise a 'reassuring pill'. Then, according to the requirements of the enterprise for anti-counterfeiting labels and the situation of the outer packaging of the goods, the appropriate type of anti-counterfeiting labels should be designed for the enterprise, and the enterprise should confirm the label style and sign the confirmation plan to promote the next production. In the third step, the enterprise also needs to sign an anti-counterfeiting label production entrustment agreement and a network access contract with the label factory. In the network access contract, the rights and obligations of both parties should be stipulated accordingly, and then both parties will sign and stamp the official seal. After completing the preparation of the above three steps, the label factory can start producing anti-counterfeiting labels according to the agreement. After the anti-counterfeiting label factory receives the order, it can start cutting suitable self-adhesive materials according to the quantity, standard and special requirements of the label, and then carry out printing, coding, lamination, silver scraping, printing, die-cutting, typesetting. After the production of anti-counterfeiting labels is completed, the anti-counterfeiting label company will also provide anti-counterfeiting inquiry services for the codes in the produced labels for a certain period of time, so as to ensure that consumers can conduct online inquiries smoothly in the later period.
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