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How does the liquor industry prevent smuggling? Use the China Business Network Anti-Smuggling System

by:Fullgo     2023-01-13
Whole-process information collection and uploading 1. Logistics code management inbound and outbound, helping brands to establish a multi-level dealer network, managing agents at all levels, dealing with the problem of smuggling, maintaining corporate brand image, and standardizing market order. 2. Through the application of anti-smuggling technical means, to help enterprises improve their brand competitiveness! The liquor anti-smuggling system, each product has an exclusive 'identity code', and the data background clearly records the accurate data of each identity information, effectively preventing the phenomenon of smuggling in the market. 3. How does the liquor industry prevent smuggling? Answer: Use the China Business Network Anti-Smuggling System to formulate a complete solution, implement full-cycle monitoring and management of every process from product delivery to circulation, realize product tracking, locate product location, and prompt when there is smuggling. So as to easily solve the problem of smuggling. Precise supervision of circulation and sales 1. It is convenient for merchants to control orders, logistics, agents and other information in real time, find problems in time, master market dynamics, real-time logistics tracking, and master all products. Protect the interests of enterprises and distributors, and effectively solve the problem of enterprise liquor selling. 2. The anti-smuggling system records the liquor information, and can carry out traceability management, channel management, logistics tracking, etc. of the product to ensure the whole process of product tracking. Realize the whole process of online monitoring and management of channels and product flow, help manufacturers reduce labor costs, and achieve efficient anti-smuggling control. 3. Real-time tracking of product circulation information, product management specifications, dealer management, data rights management and other functions, protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and consumers, and enable enterprises to develop healthily and steadily. The background statistical data can be checked in detail, and the data in different regions can also be recorded in real time. According to the data, the enterprise can manage by division and formulate different marketing plans. Provide strong data support 1. The backend of the anti-smuggling management system understands the sales dynamics of dealers at all levels and displays inventory data in real time; the sales data report will be submitted to the brand manager in time, so that the manager can make market decisions. 2. To achieve precise supervision of channel circulation and market sales, the liquor anti-smuggling system can effectively solve the problem of dealers' smuggling, online monitoring of the circulation of products in various places, so that brands can get more benefits. 3. Managers can scan the anti-smuggling code on the product according to business needs, enter the logistics code, and check whether the product is a smuggling product; the system can automatically generate statistical reports based on the scanned information and upload the information to the system. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading Anti-smuggling system for maternal and infant products, the whole process can be monitored how to select the supplier of the anti-smuggling system? Shanghai China Business Network is reliable
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