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How should companies prevent smuggling? - Industry Information - Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-12-23
Smuggling not only damages the interests of enterprises, but also disrupts the economic order of the market, and even the emergence of fake and shoddy products damages the interests of consumers. How should companies respond to this situation? In fact, the focus of anti-smuggling is on prevention. At present, the effective way to prevent anti-smuggling is to solve it through the anti-smuggling system. Anti-smuggling system Each product has its own anti-counterfeiting code, one code for one item. When the product is shipped from the factory, there will be a detailed record, and the number of products sent to a supplier in a certain area is recorded. The first-level dealer will also scan and record when selling out of the warehouse to the second-level dealer, and so on. If it is found that the sales area and the original record do not match, there is a suspicion of smuggling, which is embodied as follows: 1. Delivery logistics tracking management, and logistics tracking management between dealers, can effectively prevent smuggling. 2. After the consumer purchases the product, scan the QR code of the product, and the page preset by the supplier (usually the official WeChat account or the official website of the brand) can prompt whether the product is genuine, and scan it for the first time. 3. Suppliers can directly obtain user consumption information. Consumers scan the QR code of the product and follow the official WeChat account of the brand. The brand side obtains the consumer's geographic location information, checks the sales location of the product, and at the same time can obtain more information about the consumer, which can play a great role in user analysis. 4. The company's market inspectors randomly check the store's products. If they find that the product should be different at the point of sale and the point of sale, and the number of products is proofread, the product pictures can be edited and reported to the system as data analysis of fraudulent goods. Whether it is intentional or unintentional smuggling, there will be many adverse effects, and smuggling goods will easily make consumers lose trust in the product. Therefore, the most effective method at present is for companies to establish their own anti-smuggling systems, not only Conducive to the supervision of dealers, but also to help anti-counterfeiting traceability.
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