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How should enterprises strengthen the management of smuggling goods?

by:Fullgo     2022-11-14
Cross-selling refers to a marketing phenomenon in which a company's products are sold across regions to non-target regions. It is not uncommon in some multinational companies or large domestic companies in recent years. The main purpose of dealers to sell goods is to take advantage of the price difference or different demand in different regions to profit from it. This behavior is likely to cause the price of the same commodity in different regions to vary greatly and affect consumers' trust in the brand. So in response to this phenomenon, how should enterprises strengthen the management of smuggling goods? 1. Introducing an intelligent management system This is a very direct and effective method. The introduction of a smuggling management system can give products one product and one code. Enterprises can directly track the flow of products with a specific identification code and find out which dealer is the product. , which can help enterprises to effectively select and manage dealers, so as to establish a better corporate brand image on the basis of preventing smuggling. 2. Collaborate with all parties to make good use of the management system. Some anti-smuggling management systems also have sub-systems. Enterprises can build subsystems at dealers and operate jointly with dealers, which can not only help enterprises to better understand dealers Supervision can also allow dealers and lower-level dealers to supervise each other. In this way, multiple parties can jointly use this system to manage the smuggling behavior more strictly, so as to prevent a small number of dealers from privately smuggling products for profit and affecting the market conditions of products. 3. Relying on the system to punish smuggling behavior The anti-smuggling management software also has functions such as report analysis, trend prediction and risk warning. These functions can help companies make better decisions on distribution behavior, so that companies can timely and accurately detect smuggling products conduct and punish (such as warning the corresponding distributor, suspending supply to the corresponding distributor, or directly canceling the cooperation, etc.). Starting from several aspects, enterprises can certainly better manage the behavior of smuggling, and further enhance the management of smuggling. Moreover, with the assistance of the corresponding system, enterprises can also deal with smuggling behavior more intelligently, efficiently and conveniently, which is of great benefit for enterprises to better adjust their sales strategies and enhance their brand image.
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