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How to better implement the cooperation of full traceability of products_Full traceability of products-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-10-29
It is very necessary to introduce more targeted product traceability throughout the product. However, because traceability is not just a simple cooperation, its application and implementation are lasting, especially in terms of function, it is not simple to distinguish between true and false anti-counterfeiting, and more other services have also begun to be implemented, so in the process of specific cooperation In the process, it is necessary to be more cautious and truly ensure the optimization of cooperation from the needs, and provide a good guarantee for the further improvement of product anti-counterfeiting and product competitiveness. 1. It is necessary to understand its technical capabilities. The traceability of products that are constantly developing is formed on the basis of the continuous improvement of the technical side, so it is very important to consider the technical capabilities. Especially in recent years, after rapid development, the services it can provide and the functions it can implement are more and more comprehensive, and all of these are essentially based on good technology. Therefore, when conducting cooperation, it is necessary to deeply understand the technical capabilities of the manufacturer's brand, and whether it can ensure a stable understanding of the traceability content, and the display of the corresponding content is less and less restricted. 2. Integrity and reliability, which can truly escort the authenticity of the brand. The requirement for traceability itself is to a large extent to distinguish the authenticity of the product. To a certain extent, this truly and effectively requires manufacturers to have a more honest and reliable cooperation concept. On the one hand, it can ensure the true and reliable implementation of the relevant content agreed in the contract. Be responsible for the brand. Only when the corresponding work can be carried out honestly and effectively can the effect of traceability be truly exerted, which can help differentiate products in the market circulation, and provide good support for enhancing the competitiveness of products and eliminating bad competition patterns. Although there are more and more companies in the market that can provide multi-functional product traceability throughout the whole process, but they can truly guarantee more products, but maintain moderately unstable and efficient traceability in the process of specific use. Enterprises still need to understand and choose carefully, especially related technologies and services, which are a very critical part of the entire use process, and should be implemented on the basis of comprehensive understanding and combined with the actual product development. needs, further discuss the corresponding functions and requirements to ensure the consistency of cooperative services and establish a long-term cooperative relationship.
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