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How to check anti-counterfeiting labels_Anti-counterfeiting labels-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-10-23
As more and more anti-counterfeiting labels appear in people's sights, people want to know the relevant methods of inquiring about such labels to help them know the authenticity of the products in time after they get them. This article will list three effective ways to inquire about such labels, so that users can have a good purchasing experience and corresponding excellent after-sales service. 1. System traceability Whether the anti-counterfeiting label design software can carry out system traceability is an important point to query such labels, including whether such labels have been completely summarized in a database, which can be systematically analyzed. Not only can you check the authenticity of this label, but you can also understand the cost and anti-counterfeiting intention of a company on this type of label, showing a kind of sincere credit to users. 2. Scanning the QR code When designing this type of laser code anti-counterfeiting label, the manufacturer will carefully mark the QR code on the side. This approach is to facilitate the user to scan the QR code to identify the authenticity of the product when the product is in hand. It allows users to identify the product twice, so that they can use the product with more confidence, and also praise the convenience of the design and the enthusiasm of the manufacturer for anti-counterfeiting. 3. Send authentication SMS After receiving the product, the user can directly inquire with the merchant of the relevant platform to know the relevant authentication message digital code, and send the corresponding authentication SMS to the designated number or platform to verify the authenticity of the product judgment. At the same time, users can obtain more product sales information and usage methods through constant communication with merchants. Only after knowing how to inquire about anti-counterfeiting labels can users ensure that their purchase and consumption results are foolproof. Users need to choose a more proficient or clearer way to check the authenticity of products. The repeated certification process of products is also a process of repeated inspections of their own purchase behavior and merchant reputation, so as to effectively restrain related fraudulent behaviors. and the emergence of counterfeit products.
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