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How to choose a product full traceability traceability system_Product full traceability traceability-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-12-20
The traceability information about a product can let consumers know the specific source of the product, production and sales channels and other information, which is very important for commodity companies that are determined to establish a good relationship with users. The rapid development of information technology makes the whole process of the product Traceability and multi-channel traceability have become a reality, and the efforts and contributions made by the technology research and development unit of the product whole-process traceability traceability system are very huge. Then the question about how to choose the whole-process traceability system for products is explained as follows: 1. Understand the background of the technical unit For the research and development of a traceability system, the technical unit needs to use a large amount of computer software and information technology, the reliability of such technology application and The maturity of the basic technical structure construction is worthy of reference. Obviously, a team with strong technical strength and accumulated a lot of experience in the research and development of traceability systems is worthy of consideration. 2. Assess the technical rigor of the system. The design and optimization of the traceability system and the post-launch operation and maintenance require the technical team to be sufficiently familiar with the entire technology and service process. A team with a mature system technical structure and a set of scientific research service processes is more trustworthy. In most cases, the rigor and rationality of a traceability system evaluation process is enough to win the recognition of more enterprises. 3. The actual operation of the reference system By understanding the entire process of a product's R&D and manufacturing process, the traceability points and influencing factors involved can be clarified. A comprehensive analysis and control of the influencing factors is helpful for the continuous optimization and improvement of the traceability system. , so the system released by the system development unit that can do this can meet the requirements of the enterprise in various situations for a long time. The traceability of any product and the traceability of manufacturing information need to be carried out under the condition that the technology is solid enough and the process is sufficiently standardized. There is enough experience in the current technical field and the whole product traceability system that has been proved to be reliable enough in practical applications by customers is trustworthy. The technical rigor and technical process standardization involved in the system are beneficial to the stable development of my country's commodity economy.
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