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How to choose an anti-counterfeiting label factory

by:Fullgo     2023-01-20
‍Anti-counterfeiting label is an important sign to identify the authenticity of a product, but without certain industry knowledge, it is difficult to produce an effective anti-counterfeiting label. Anti-counterfeiting is an industry with relatively high technical requirements, and the requirements for technology and talents are relatively high. Manufacturers without certain technical capabilities cannot make good label products. So how do companies choose anti-counterfeiting label manufacturers? You can choose from the following three aspects. 1. The look and feel of anti-counterfeiting labels All anti-counterfeiting technologies are realized by label printing and the system as a carrier. Labels must be printed before they can be used and attached to product packaging. Therefore, printing is a very important part of anti-counterfeiting technology. Whether the printed anti-counterfeiting label is clear, whether it conforms to the product packaging design, and whether the anti-counterfeiting label is rigorous in the printing process are all issues that need to be considered. 2. Whether the anti-counterfeiting solution is comprehensive is not only the label, but also whether the anti-counterfeiting function of the merchant can provide a comprehensive solution for the enterprise is also very important. For example, preventing products from being infringed by counterfeit and inferior products, providing the security of their own anti-counterfeiting technology, whether to provide anti-counterfeiting systems to cooperative companies, etc., can all be used as reference factors for choosing an anti-counterfeiting company. 3. Evaluation from customers When choosing an anti-counterfeiting label factory, in addition to examining the above two factors, the manufacturer should also be selected based on the evaluation of customers. Only after market inspection can it be convincing, so good The company must have many corporate customers. When an enterprise chooses an anti-counterfeiting business, it can inspect the case of cooperative enterprises such as its business scale, business history, and independent system R&D team. At present, the rampage of counterfeit and shoddy products has brought huge losses to many companies. Many companies are increasingly aware of the benefits and importance of using anti-counterfeiting labels. Putting anti-counterfeiting labels on products has become almost every product launched. It is one of the essential steps before the market, so it is necessary to use anti-counterfeiting labels to do anti-counterfeiting treatment for products. I hope that under the introduction of Xiaobian, you can choose a suitable anti-counterfeiting label factory to produce anti-counterfeiting labels for yourself. ‍
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