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How to choose anti-counterfeiting labels? Use labels appropriate for products in your industry

by:Fullgo     2023-01-03
The application of anti-counterfeiting labels can combat counterfeiters and enhance brand awareness. Therefore, more and more brands are customizing anti-counterfeiting labels for their products. The purpose is to reduce counterfeit goods. So, among the many labels, what kind of labels are suitable for their products? , This is customized according to demand and anti-counterfeiting technology, different industry products use different anti-counterfeiting marks. one,      Choose anti-counterfeiting labels 1. Materials: Materials are the basics for making labels. Choose reliable materials according to the preservation properties of the goods, such as: waterproof, dust-proof, anti-fouling, fire-proof, etc., which are all related to the production materials of anti-counterfeiting labels. 2. Label type: Merchants can design labels as self-adhesives, certificates of conformity, hang tags, promotional cards, sealing stickers, delivery cards, vouchers, etc. in combination with the sales needs of the products. 3. Color: Color is the most intuitive expression of the label to consumers, which proves the authenticity of the product. It is also an exquisite decoration. It is very beneficial to attract consumers to actively check the authenticity of the product. Reasonable color matching also increases the overall aesthetics of the product. , to attract consumers to buy. 4. Label shape design: The label can be beautifully designed and has a special shape, which is conducive to realizing the overall appearance of the outer packaging of the product, and a good-looking anti-counterfeiting label can attract the attention of customers. 5. Adhesive function: Most anti-counterfeiting labels are attached to the outer packaging of the product. The function and quality of the adhesive are also very important. The adhesiveness is determined by the quality of the adhesive, the flatness of the posted position, and the object to be attached. Surface smoothness, etc. The better the quality of the viscose, the better the stickiness, the flatter the sticking position and the smoother the surface of the object to be attached. two,      Use labels suitable for products 1. Anti-counterfeiting labels can be used for any officially sold physical goods, establish an anti-counterfeiting network, and use the telephone network for monitoring and management at any time. Each digital system will record authentication information, including query time, phone number, etc. 2. Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels are suitable for cosmetics, health products, medicines, electronic appliances, wine, tea, daily necessities, fast-moving consumer goods beverages, clothing labels and other products. Effectively crack down on counterfeit and shoddy products, help merchants reduce counterfeit goods, and eliminate the damage to customers' interests caused by counterfeit products. 3. Maintain the company's brand image and give a high-end image of the product's corporate image; let customers feel more at ease, independently check the authenticity of the product, and consume with more confidence. The whole process of identification is convenient. You can log in to the website and scan to grasp the detailed authenticity information and more information, and you can put anti-counterfeiting labels on the products. The application of anti-counterfeiting labels can be of great help to the market sales of goods, further improve customers' awareness of prevention of their own interests, distinguish between true and false, and strongly suppress counterfeit and shoddy goods. Through inquiries, it is possible to determine the authenticity of the product and to crack down on counterfeiters in an accurate and timely manner.
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