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How to choose two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting

by:Fullgo     2023-03-10
As one of the tools to assist our production and life, two-dimensional code is becoming the key development object of science and technology. Through the research and in-depth discussion of two-dimensional code technology, our daily life can be facilitated, and the anti-counterfeiting production of two-dimensional code can also be better aimed at. The piracy market shall be regulated and rectified to reduce the piracy rate. So what aspects can you start from when choosing QR code anti-counterfeiting? 1. Choose a brand with professional anti-counterfeiting technology. Many QR code brands are in place for anti-counterfeiting work during the production process. Therefore, when choosing a QR code anti-counterfeiting brand, try to choose a brand with professional anti-counterfeiting technology and R&D personnel, which is more professional. The ability to further guide and select anti-counterfeiting technology, and at the same time, it can better conduct further research and in-depth research and development of technology to obtain good results. 2. Choosing a more affordable price can increase the cost-effectiveness of customers’ purchase. Affordable price is a cost that many customers and selectors are willing to bear, because the main problem that many factories consider when conducting production is how to reduce costs, and the cost reduction needs to be reflected in The choice of QR code anti-counterfeiting is one of them in all aspects. Choosing a low-priced anti-counterfeiting sign can increase the cost-effectiveness of customers' purchases and improve profits. 3. Choose a QR code with high quality to generate a QR code. The quality of the pixel icons displayed after the generation may not be high enough. For many customers, this may cause a decline in the brand level and affect the customer's desire to buy. Therefore, choose a QR code to prevent counterfeiting as much as possible. Select a team that generates high-quality QR codes with clear display, so that it will not have a certain impact on customers during production, and can better ensure that the brand does not decline. The barcode of the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting inquiry system can be well printed and pasted on the surface of the product for display. Choosing QR code anti-counterfeiting requires not only choosing a product brand with professional technology and R&D personnel, but also choosing a product with a more affordable price that can increase the cost-effectiveness of customers’ purchases and increase profits. At the same time, it is necessary to choose a QR code with high quality to generate high-quality images, clear images, and good quality. of.
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