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How to determine the validity of anti-counterfeiting label technology_Anti-counterfeiting label technology-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-10-28
In the period of unsound market economy, product sellers pay very little attention to the brand, technology and intellectual property rights of products, so the problem of infringement frequently occurs. Now, through the technology of anti-counterfeiting labels, we can limit and avoid such situations. , but this technology is updated very quickly, so how to be sure that the technology you choose is effective? 1. Look at the time of technology research and development In the period of underdeveloped network and electronic technology, technology research and development is relatively slow, even if it is a basic research and development project, it is difficult to break through, but the current technology research and development capabilities are relatively strong, often Better technology can be updated in a short time, so the anti-counterfeiting label technology is also constantly updated, but the update time of different technologies is different. The newer the update time, the more suitable the current computer program is, so it is determined that it is effective. It depends on the time of its technology research and development. 2. Look at the type of technology used. Anti-counterfeiting technology is to enter the real product information into the query system and place it on the appearance of the product, which can directly indicate the authenticity of the product, because this technology has been around for many years since it first appeared. Therefore, there are many companies that provide technology with different technology update speeds in terms of external labels and information entry, which will cause problems such as poor anti-counterfeiting effect. The way to avoid it is to look at the type of technology they provide before choosing. 3. Look at the actual effect of anti-counterfeiting label technology ‍ is the general term for all anti-counterfeiting labels, that is to say, most anti-counterfeiting labels use this technology, and the companies that provide the technology also claim that their technology has a good effect, but is it true? Effectiveness also depends on its real use effect, which can only be determined by the feedback obtained by the customers who have used it or after the selected test. The reason why many brand manufacturers, operators and retailers are willing to use anti-counterfeiting label technology is precisely because there are many counterfeit infringements in the market. For the interests of businesses and consumers, effective anti-counterfeiting technology must be selected, but The effectiveness of a technology will affect the effect, so determining whether the technology is good or not requires the appropriate method.
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