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How to do a good job in the management of cross-selling in the development of the brand market

by:Fullgo     2022-11-03
More and more brand merchants realize that the problem of smuggling goods is a major problem affecting the development of enterprises. If they do not summarize the rules in the market development and conduct systematic management, it will cause the dealers to panic and lose their trust in the brand and sales enthusiasm. Over time, it will lose the market and consumers, damage the brand image, and even give competitors the opportunity to catch up. It is very important to do a good job in the management of smuggling goods. 1. Formulate price policies and management systems to prevent smuggling goods and do a good job in price control, and the management of anti-smuggling goods can achieve twice the result with half the effort. According to the different development stages of the regional market, formulating reasonable price policies according to local conditions can reduce the temptation of interests, maintain stable market prices, and ensure the profit margins of dealers. At the same time, reward funds and punishment rules to maintain market price and order can be established, and the perfect mechanism of reward and punishment can be used to encourage all dealers to participate in supervision. 2. Perfect invoicing management. Master the circulation of goods. The clearer the circulation of goods, the less the occurrence of cross-selling. The advantage of the intelligent anti-smuggling system is that it can be traced from product anti-counterfeiting. From information entry to commodity circulation, there is a powerful cloud system for operation and recording, which can simplify brand business processes, improve staff business processing efficiency, and help brands improve. Good grasp of the flow of goods. 3. Timely early warning and notification. Accurately lock the area of ​​smuggling goods. Use intelligent anti-smuggling management software to automatically warn and notify smuggling goods through multi-dimensional analysis of big data, and master the initiative of goods management. Coupled with the system's powerful product tracking and query function, the products circulating in the market have 'personal ID cards' and traces of behavior to follow, allowing merchants to know every product well, and can accurately lock the area of ​​​​purging goods for point-to-point management. The rational use of anti-smuggling software can help brands manage people, goods and money scientifically and efficiently, making management more integrated and intelligent. The measures to prevent smuggling should not wait until it happens, but should be prevented before it happens. It is not as difficult to implement as imagined. Selecting efficient management software for smuggling management, working with dealers to stabilize the sales market, and jointly building a more reasonable and healthy market environment will be more conducive to the faster development of the brand.
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