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How to do food traceability? Realize intelligent traceability

by:Fullgo     2022-12-27
The risk controllable business system includes functions such as quality standards, technical regulations, information collection, quality supervision, enterprise customization, and consumer inquiry. The basic core of the product traceability system is used for unified management of production history information of product production units, and records basic product information, production information, raw material source information, used material information, packaging information, sales information, etc., forming the basic database for traceability management. How to do food traceability? Answer: Use the Shanghai Zhongshang Network Traceability System for food traceability, and use the QR code as a carrier to trace the food quality throughout the process; through the information collection system, information can be quickly collected and uploaded in real time, and manual documents can also be scanned, collected and uploaded. . Precise warehouse management enables enterprises to grasp the product flow and changes in the entire production and supply chain in real time and accurately, and to control the reliability of the entire production and circulation links. Digital management is carried out in key quality links, and an 'identity card' system is established for products to realize the whole process of quality management control from the environment of origin, production process to product listing. The system comprehensively uses a variety of network technologies, image recognition and other cutting-edge technologies to realize the information management of food production and distribution process, the traceability management of food quality, the management of food production files (production process, quality inspection), label design and printing , Quality traceability and other functions based on website and platform, can be run in stand-alone or network environment, with simple interface and convenient operation, suitable for food quality supervision departments and production enterprises. The intelligent traceability of the production process can check all kinds of information related to the product, such as production, processing, sales, testing, etc., to realize the traceability of the entire product chain. Through the application of product production management system in production enterprises, pre-production reminders, in-production early warnings, and post-production inspections can be realized; by collecting production data to the decision-making department of the factory, a traceability platform database can be constructed to realize Internet access, QR code scanning, etc. Traceability to ensure quality. Retrospectively display product information, basic information: name, supply chain, shelf life, origin; processing information: processing address, processing time, processing steps, processing personnel; supplier information: name, address, qualification certificate; raw material information: raw material name, raw material Origin and raw material information. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extend the reading of the QR code of the traceability code, monitor the traceability of infant milk powder throughout the process, and assign an identity mark to each product
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