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How to prevent counterfeiting of QR code labels? Customize it according to your needs!

by:Fullgo     2023-02-02
You can know the interpretation of the QR code anti-counterfeiting label with one scan, and it can be empowered in an all-round way, which not only reduces the cost of internal and external management and control for the enterprise, but also increases the credit and quality of the enterprise, enhances the added value of the enterprise's products, maintains the order of market competition, and escorts the branding of the enterprise. How to prevent counterfeiting of QR code labels? Answer: The anti-counterfeiting technology is added to the QR code, printing labels are made, and each product is coded to achieve anti-counterfeiting protection. The QR code can store a wealth of product information, and it cannot be copied or stolen after being encrypted. The composite anti-counterfeiting labels with a variety of technologies are included, and various advanced anti-counterfeiting technologies are included to meet the different needs of customers. Anti-counterfeiting innovative materials, smart devices, platforms and software technologies provide enterprises with one-stop anti-counterfeiting solutions to help enterprises protect brands, prevent traceability and digital marketing. To make customers more trustworthy to use the corporate website to check the authenticity of the brand, you need to log in to the website on the anti-counterfeiting code label, find the 'Authenticity Query' column in the navigation bar, click to enter the query page, and follow the prompts from left to right, top to bottom Enter the anti-counterfeiting code in turn, and click the query button to verify the authenticity. The variable QR code anti-counterfeiting label is provided to the enterprise in the form of a QR code sleeve. You only need to scan the corresponding code (the box label and the product label are in one-to-one correspondence, and you can check the flow direction of the product label by checking the flow direction of the box label. It is convenient for enterprises to improve the efficiency of anti-counterfeiting. The product information QR code generated by encryption can be printed and marked on the product packaging. The product QR code anti-counterfeiting label can see the detailed information of the product, and can also scan the code through the QR code anti-counterfeiting label to identify the authenticity of the product Fake. Enterprises stick QR code anti-counterfeiting labels on products for sale. Consumers can scrape off the coating to obtain the anti-counterfeiting code data after purchasing the product, scan the QR code with their mobile phones, and enter the anti-counterfeiting code to check the authenticity of the product. One-item-one-code technology , anti-counterfeiting variable two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label, using information technology to record product production information, logistics and transportation information, anti-counterfeiting information in the customized two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label, and then play the role of anti-counterfeiting, but also help enterprises to complete digital management, Check the dynamic flow of products in real time and improve the overall operating efficiency of the company. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai Zhongshang Network is at your service! Extend the reading of the anti-counterfeiting labels of musical instruments, and one anti-counterfeiting code for each item. Why are anti-counterfeiting labels so popular among enterprises? The anti-counterfeiting effect is excellent!
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