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How to prevent smuggling behavior? Products use anti-smuggling system

by:Fullgo     2023-01-19
Introduction: The system helps enterprises to control purchase, sale and inventory information at all levels, grasp the circulation of product channels, master the inventory and sales of distributors at all levels, prevent distributors from cross-regional, leapfrog, and standardize the sales market of branded products. The tracking and management anti-smuggling system helps brand owners to deal with the problem of smuggling, track the whole process of products, supervise and control each transportation and sales link, prevent smuggling, and quickly deal with them if there is smuggling. Whole process control, timely control of invoicing at all levels, grasp the trend of product logistics, ensure that consumers have an in-depth understanding of product production, increase their trust in products, and increase the sales of business products. Functions: Production code management, anti-smuggling warehouse management, dealer management, anti-smuggling inspection management, anti-smuggling early warning and inquiry, data analysis, etc., to help enterprises realize full-process supervision and strictly control the behavior of market smuggling. Improve work efficiency and give each product a unique anti-smuggling code, and agents can scan the delivery. The product uses the anti-smuggling system to realize the GPS positioning management of single product data encryption, scanning code, automatic warning of enterprise product smuggling, automatic generation of reports for smuggling data, and optional information traceability management mode of the entire production and sales chain. How to prevent smuggling behavior? Answer: Use the specially developed anti-smuggling management system to scan and collect product information in each link of product warehousing and warehousing. It can collect a single product, and it can be collected in batches by boxes, stacks, vehicles and other units. Various data collected It can be uploaded to a special information service platform. Shipment information scanning and collection anti-channeling system solution, input product information, master product flow, bind data information to the system background, and monitor all product circulation information. The anti-smuggling system is based on one item, one code, information tracking, and strict control of smuggling. Consumers can scan the code to know the true and false; resist smuggling from various places to ensure reasonable product prices. Ensure that the whole process of the product is tracked, the background statistical data can be checked in detail, and the data in different regions can also be recorded. According to the data, the enterprise can manage by division and formulate different management and marketing plans. In order to prevent malicious smuggling of goods such as unpacking and outsourcing by dealers, a dual-code solution has been formulated for single-product packaging, that is, both the inside and outside of the package are assigned anti-smuggling codes. Prevent distributors in various regions from smuggling goods, standardize the market order of product prices, system automatic warning, and enterprise inspection. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading Anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling solutions for wine and water, what are the functions of the anti-smuggling system? Can monitor product circulation information
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