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How to provide personalized customized services for enterprises in the whole process of product traceability? _Product traceability and traceability-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-12-24
Product traceability traceability is a term that has only appeared in recent years. It refers to the monitoring of the use of products through the traceability system established by enterprises after selling products, so as to obtain user evaluation information on products. A good traceability system can facilitate consumers and merchants at the same time. Consumers can verify the authenticity of products in a simple way, and obtain instructions for use and follow-up services configured by enterprises, and enterprises can also obtain first-hand information about the use of goods by customers. to improve their products. Now there are customized services for the whole-process traceability system of products on the market. Let's take a look at how technology companies provide customized services. The planning of the enterprise's personalized traceability system is mainly divided into the following four design processes: 1. Consumers actively scan the two-dimensional code sprayed on the product packaging, which is the information source of product traceability. Technology companies enter product-specific anti-counterfeiting labels and information that companies want to provide to consumers into QR codes. Consumers, in need of authenticity identification and access to services, will scan the QR code on products with their mobile phones. 2. The marketing strategy of the enterprise This involves what kind of information the enterprise wants to provide to consumers in the QR code. A separate file with a quality inspection report that can be traced can be established for each commodity, which not only reflects the quality of its own products, but also achieves the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. You can also add product instructions, careful health notices, etc., so that consumers can feel the intention of the company's services. 3. A good traceability system with big data analysis information will have regular information feedback. It can produce massive analysis reports according to the operations done by consumers after scanning the code, monitor the commodity environment of the enterprise in real time, and report any dissatisfaction and complaints in time, so that the person in charge of the enterprise can Contact processing, which facilitates product after-sales service and achieves the effect of public opinion monitoring. 4. Use traceability information to achieve the effect of community interaction Not only that, a complete product traceability system can also achieve the effect of corporate brand community operation through remarketing. Merchants can design remarketing strategies, re-interact with consumers after selling products, conduct activities to communicate and connect, shorten the distance with consumers, and cultivate feelings for sustainable operation of customers.
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