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How to realize the anti-smuggling system? Quickly obtain product distribution area and channeling information

by:Fullgo     2022-12-11
Realize the tracking of smuggling goods, realize the digital anti-smuggling management of products, standardize the market order, ensure the sustainable and stable development of enterprises, and form market warnings for smuggling goods, so that smuggling goods have nowhere to hide. Through the anti-channeling and traceability management system, enterprises can realize the overall management and control of logistics channels, dealers can conduct logistics tracking step by step, resist dealers' channeling behavior, create a good product market sales atmosphere, establish product brand image, improve corporate commitment and Product popularity, unite consumers to scan the code to verify the authenticity of the product, and realize the anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting traceability behavior of big data. How to realize the anti-smuggling system? Answer: Through the code assignment on the production site, the product is assigned a unique one-item-one-code anti-smuggling invisible code. The user uses the data management module of the system to generate a random encrypted number and store it in the system database. Each number is stored in the system database. Not the same, corresponding to a product, each product is the only identification code. Monitoring and managing product circulation can help companies solve the problem of smuggling goods at the root, grasp the data of dealers, terminal inventory, and dynamic sales in real time, help companies adjust sales strategies in a timely manner, conduct market inspections, and realize full-process supervision of channel channels. Enable enterprises to effectively grasp the circulation of products in the market, standardize the sales system in the region, maintain the stability of regional commodity prices, improve consumer satisfaction, enhance corporate brand value; improve corporate image, enhance corporate market competitiveness, and achieve information supervision. The anti-smuggling system is an effective means for enterprises to effectively solve counterfeit and shoddy and malicious smuggling of goods. It has functions such as data collection and tracking, data statistical analysis, etc., from raw materials to production and processing, and then to warehousing and transportation. The whole process of logistics collects and uploads information. , There are traces to follow in the whole product cycle, to achieve product traceability and anti-smuggling management. It can analyze the sales data of each dealer to effectively prevent the occurrence of product smuggling, help the inspectors to know the whereabouts of the product, know whether the dealer sells the product within its own distribution range, and easily solve the problem of smuggling. The anti-smuggling system can bind a logistics code to each product, track products in real time, locate products, realize the interconnection and interaction of product information between product manufacturers, distributors, and consumers, and help enterprises solve product counterfeiting and anti-smuggling. series of questions. Realize comprehensive, effective and safe management and monitoring of the whole process of commodity distribution, and further obtain commodity warehousing, logistics, sales and other data. By scanning the code to check the authenticity of the product, the inspectors can judge whether the product is smuggled according to the scanning location, and deal with the smuggling behavior in time.
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