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How to realize the function of one object and one code? Code each product

by:Fullgo     2023-01-21
The functions of one item and one code: anti-counterfeiting, marketing, anti-smuggling, traceability, etc., can protect and manage the full cycle of products, realize anti-counterfeiting, full traceability, and prevent smuggling, etc. How to realize the function of one item and one code by managing the whole product cycle through the one item, one code technology? Answer: The whole process of data management and control, efficient production line intelligence, optimization of brand business behavior, and promotion of brand business upgrade. Anti-counterfeiting skills Commodities with QR code anti-counterfeiting labels can occupy market share, improve competitiveness and enhance product value. The benefits of using QR code anti-counterfeiting labels are to verify the authenticity of goods, with low price costs, while reducing fakes and increasing product sales. According to the characteristics of brand products, different marketing activities are carried out, and anti-counterfeiting labels are encrypted, which is difficult to crack and imitate, so as to improve the confidentiality of merchants using anti-counterfeiting labels. Make anti-counterfeiting labels for products, design solutions, label security management and control, anti-counterfeiting verification and identification, counterfeit product investigation services, help fight counterfeiting and rights protection, and comprehensively and efficiently resist the circulation of counterfeit goods. The anti-counterfeiting function of one item, one code, the system generates a two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label, and prints and pastes an anti-counterfeiting mark for each finished product before the product leaves the factory, so that the product can be sold in various regions, and the customer scans the code. It can identify the true and false, prevent the purchase of counterfeit goods, and realize the maintenance of genuine products. The anti-smuggling function system carries out digital management of products, and accurately controls the flow of dealers and products through one item and one code, so as to prevent dealers from smuggling goods. Once there is a situation where the scanning area does not correspond to the sales area, the system will automatically issue an early warning of smuggling goods to ensure the stable operation of the market. Overall control of product logistics channels, that is, to realize the management of sub-dealers other than first-level dealers, in-depth tracking of product flow, three-dimensional control of smuggling phenomenon, and curb smuggling behavior. In the channel circulation link, from product warehousing and delivery, to dealer receipt and delivery, the handheld terminal is used to scan the QR code on the package, record the product circulation data, and manage the product throughout its life cycle. The anti-smuggling system can locate the whereabouts of products and track the product sales and circulation information in each link. If there is a smuggling situation, the system will automatically issue a smuggling warning, supervise the sales behavior of local agents, and prevent the occurrence of smuggling. The role of traceability The role of the traceability system is quite large. It can realize the management of each link. If there is a problem, it can also quickly recall the product to reduce the scope of errors. The person in charge of the problem link can be found, which is convenient for handling and prevents the interests of customers from being affected. damage. It can carry out full-cycle management of products. From the production stage, from raw material procurement to finished product sales, information is recorded. By generating a traceability label and pasting it on the product, customers can view the quality information by scanning the QR code. product acceptance. Marketing activities carry out products as the brand's own medium, helping it to consolidate information, interact in real time, record behavior, spread instantly, and share highly to create higher business value. The one-thing-one-code marketing system is used for online marketing activities of products, which can help brands do marketing activities well and increase consumers' understanding and trust in enterprises.
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