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How to trace the source of QR code? Increase productivity

by:Fullgo     2022-11-29
The construction of the product life management traceability system should take the circulation enterprise as the main platform, integrate the circulation information resources of the upstream and downstream links of the product, and form a complete traceability chain. The development of the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting traceability system can now realize the coexistence of product anti-counterfeiting and traceability, including information storage, process control, information encryption, product verification and reading are all realized through the two-dimensional code. Effective quality control measures are taken in procurement, storage, sales, transportation and other links to ensure product quality. How to trace the source of QR code? Answer: Help enterprises to establish information traceability, assign codes to form a data chain, and trace the entire information chain of regular products from the source to the end. Product quality tracking and traceability can be traced throughout the whole process, from raw materials to finished products, information traceability, supervision of all aspects of products, and responsibility to people. Scan through the mobile phone, scan the traceability QR code on the query terminal, and you can inquire about the raw materials of the product, production, transportation, sales and other links, and according to the product attributes, there are product-specific quality inspection reports. One code, one-to-one information chain to ensure that the product quality is qualified, and consumers can buy with confidence. To realize the comprehensive traceability of products from raw materials to finished products to packaging to transportation, this is the principle of product information management. The two-dimensional code traceability system is an effective tool to record the information from production, processing, packaging, quality inspection, transportation and sales, so that the source can be traced, the destination can be traced, the responsibility can be traced, and the quality and safety management and risk control of the whole process can be strengthened. Strengthen the production management and control of enterprises and endow products with one product, one code technology, and the exclusive code records the whole process of product production, circulation and consumption in the system. The QR code management is associated with a certain production batch, and the scan code query page displays the batch information through the associated information; once a product problem occurs, the same batch of products can be quickly traced and managed. Two-dimensional code product traceability, the background system enters the raw material production place, processing, qualification certificate and other information, the system generates a two-dimensional code, and the traceability label is pasted on the product, and consumers can scan the two-dimensional code to view the product information. Product display, company introduction, production capacity and strength, etc., covering processing and testing processes, are strictly included in the QR code traceability system. When consumers scan the code and enter the traceability page, they can see the corresponding detailed records, real records, etc.
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