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How to trace the whole process of agricultural and sideline products to improve product value? _Product traceability traceability-Shanghai Nuobiao anti-counterfeiting technology development has

by:Fullgo     2022-10-23
How to trace the whole process of these agricultural and sideline products? Nowadays, people pay more attention to the health and safety of eating fruits and vegetables. If many agricultural and sideline products want to take the quality route to increase the price and sales, they must follow the marketing model of full life cycle traceability. It can realize the traceability of the whole process of fruits from origin, logistics and transportation to sales and then to consumers, so that food safety can be seen and touched. Naturally, many consumers are willing to buy these fruits, and the added value of fruits will be greatly improved. . This kind of traceability and anti-counterfeiting marketing needs to be done by a senior technical team. Through the label design of anti-counterfeiting codes, geographical indications and two-dimensional codes, combined with the advanced traceability management system in the background, the whole process of product traceability can be realized. Now many agricultural and sideline products take the high-quality marketing route to design geographical indication products, and use the names of geographical indication agricultural and sideline products to package products to improve product value. The senior design team will do a good job of story and publicity for the brand, provide logo designs such as geographical indications, fruits, etc., with anti-counterfeiting shading and traceability QR codes, and the codes are uniformly designed into a label, which is affixed to each product, such as each apple. a label. Consumers can quickly pass the label logo to verify that this is an agricultural and sideline product of a geographical indication, and scan the QR code to verify the authenticity of the product. , production place, planting time, person in charge, picking time, cold chain distribution and other whole process content, consumers can know the quality of the product with confidence through these traceability content, and they will have more trust in the product and brand. A small fruit is given a higher added value. Of course, for manufacturers, this kind of product traceability seems to have a lot of content, but it is actually very easy to manage. This kind of labeling management generally establishes a one-to-many parent-child relationship to meet the needs of two-level packaging boxes. It is convenient for the participation of logistics personnel, warehouse personnel and traceability personnel. It is only necessary to operate the parent table and perform batch management and input on the computer.
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