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How to use the anti-counterfeiting traceability system_Anti-counterfeiting traceability system-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-12-30
Now the relatively large regular companies basically pay attention to maintaining their own brand image consciously, so they have established their own anti-counterfeiting traceability systems to protect consumers and ensure the company's reputation. The anti-counterfeiting traceability system is a management method that records a series of all phases of the product in the company database file to support the full-line review of the entire product production process, which can effectively control the quality of the company's products. The principle of this system is to establish an exclusive tracking bar code for each product produced by the company, and the product can be recorded in the background system no matter where it flows or where it passes. If there is any quality of the product later, just by scanning the anti-counterfeiting tracking code, it can be traced back to the detailed information of the product's source, production and manufacturing, logistics and other aspects. Consumers can also query the information by scanning the anti-counterfeiting code after purchasing the goods, which is also very convenient for consumers. The company can know the use of order raw materials and the tracking of order logistics through the anti-counterfeiting tracking code of the company's products, which is very convenient to improve the management efficiency of the company's products. The company can import the product information into the company's terminal data equipment, and store the QR code key technology in the system of the manufacturing plant, establish a complete processing and warehouse data record library, and inventory the product inspection data. Real-time collection is very convenient for information communication between sales companies and manufacturers, connecting the information bridge between manufacturers, sales companies and consumers. The system collects and records information such as the ex-factory date, product batch number, raw material recovery, product manufacturing and operation process of branded products, so that products with quality problems can be reviewed, and the rights and responsibilities of all parties are clearly defined. The establishment of a complete anti-counterfeiting traceability system is very beneficial to all parties involved in the market. It is believed that through the gradual improvement of the system, the quality of services and goods purchased by consumers will become better and better, and companies and manufacturers will also will have long-term and healthy development.
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