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Implement product QR code marketing system, rapid brand communication

by:Fullgo     2023-01-19
Interactive marketing scan code to send red envelopes game, consumers are willing to buy, willing to scan the code, brand owners directly establish interaction, greatly improving the second purchase rate. Two-dimensional code marketing refers to the use of two-dimensional code as the information entrance, and scanning the code on the mobile terminal as the main means of information dissemination. When the two-dimensional code data is the website link entrance, the personalized website information and interactive content can be accurately and effectively Pass it to consumers who scan the code to achieve 'one-to-one' interactive marketing. Empowering QR code as one of the marketing portals aims to help enterprises to promote, and has the characteristics of high user-friendliness. Implement a product QR code marketing system to give products a QR code with marketing attributes. One code will not be scanned twice, allowing manufacturers to control the marketing budget of each product, save terminal market costs, and increase product sales. The event has a novel QR code marketing system to attract customers to take the initiative to buy and participate in the scanning interaction, and enhance the initiative of consumers to share and spread. Taking QR code marketing as the entrance, it collects consumer data while completing the rigid needs such as anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling, intelligent marketing, and sending red envelopes by scanning the code, so as to increase sales. When a consumer scans the QR code, the system will determine whether the consumer is a user, thus forming two channels for emerging consumers or old users to market separately to increase the purchase rate of the product. The marketing of the two-dimensional code red envelope activity has greatly increased the interest, and consumers also like this kind of consumption experience very much. Under the analysis of the system big data, the repurchase rate of consumers has been greatly improved. Guide consumers to purchase products in a novel way, attract consumers to purchase sweepstakes, participate in activities, and then create scene-based consumption and improve consumer experience. The two-dimensional code marketing system is a channel for direct connection between brands and consumers, and it is the entrance of two-way communication. Consumers can communicate with brands at zero distance on the official account. One item, one code marketing provides enterprises with interactive marketing solutions, connecting users and brand interactions, turning each product into a distribution channel, and achieving accurate marketing. Two-dimensional code marketing system, consumers can participate in the two-dimensional code red envelope marketing activities after purchasing the manufacturer's products in the terminal store, rebate to consumers, and increase the market sales of manufacturers' products. Through the one item one code marketing system, users can be more motivated to consume, increase the product purchase rate, create momentum for new products, increase the viscosity of mature and declining products, and improve the brand image.
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