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Infant milk powder traceability, giving identification to each product

by:Fullgo     2022-10-26
Controllable encourages enterprises to use modern information technology to carry out digital traceability of raw material supply, product production, consumer marketing and other links, and achieve industry monitoring and scheduling and consumer rights protection through efficient integration and utilization of quality traceability data. The large-scale investment of infant milk powder companies in smart factories makes the production process more transparent, enables precise control of traceability, accelerates the gain of consumers' trust, and effectively reduces management costs for companies. The milk powder traceability system enables the milk powder to realize the whole process management from milk source, raw material, quality, inventory, production, channel and store integration by using one item one code technology and Internet technology, and establishes a real-time integrated traceability platform. The recallable milk powder traceability system provides enterprises with a platform for reverse tracking and product supervision to ensure the quality of milk powder. Consumers can also obtain relevant information about milk powder by scanning the code. Each can of milk powder has a one-time identification code. Through the identification number, the product can be traced back to the process of milk collection, production and filling, quality inspection, inspection, etc., and the product traceability information can be traced by scanning the code. The traceability of infant milk powder is based on 'quality first', and a series of measures to ensure the quality of milk sources and milk products have been formulated from the aspects of dairy animal breeding, raw milk purchase, production and sales of dairy products, and supervision and inspection. The whole-process traceability information of milk powder, including product label, inspection report, production place, production line, production batch number, etc., can be fully recorded through the QR code on the bottom of the can. It can query and strengthen the digital traceability of raw materials, production and marketing links, strengthen the quality control of the whole life cycle, and provide information query services. The traceability system basically achieves the goals of forward traceability, reverse traceability, risk management and control, product recall, cause identifiable, and accountability. The enterprise has established a traceability system to complete the whole process management system integrating milk source, raw materials, quality, inventory, production, channels and stores. Consumers can view the production date, batch, producer, production license, ingredient list and other information of milk powder through smartphones and the platform website. Accelerate the construction of the quality traceability system, and promote the realization of product source traceability, one code to the end, logistics tracking, responsibility identification and credit evaluation. The milk powder traceability system needs to collect information on the source of raw materials, production, circulation, consumption and other aspects of the enterprise's self-inspection, as well as the information on the supervision and sampling of the product by the supervision department.
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