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Intelligent traceability of the whole process, traceability information can be queried

by:Fullgo     2022-11-11
Real-time traceability can reduce counterfeit products, protect the rights and interests of enterprises and consumers, safeguard the interests of enterprises, establish brand image, safeguard consumer rights and interests, reduce fake and shoddy goods, and check authenticity. The product quality traceability management system customizes the anti-counterfeiting label, endows the label with marketing functions, and the beautiful appearance design enhances the image of the brand product and brings more convenience to customers. To ensure product quality and prevent counterfeiting, scan the code at the same time, you can learn about enterprise information, quality inspection information, etc. It can truly achieve product full-cycle management, such as information traceability and product information sharing, which helps to improve product quality. The advantages of the product quality traceability management system can realize production quality management, warehousing and logistics management, full traceability, and quality control. Management and inquiry, and build a circulation traceability chain with traceable product sources, verifiable whereabouts, and accountability. The unique QR code, traceable source code, production date, processing process introduction, etc., which are helpful for quality control, can realize product traceability management, logistics batch management, and improve the overall quality of products, with significant advantages. Build a solid quality and safety line of defense for each link and process of the enterprise, realize that products can be traced and reversed, problems can be recalled, the appearance of fake and shoddy products can be eliminated to the greatest extent, and the interests of enterprises and consumers can be protected. , improve the enterprise intelligent process. Consumers can use mobile communication devices, mobile phones, etc. to make inquiries, and can inquire about product origin information, production enterprise information, product inspection information, transaction information and other related data, so as to realize the information traceability between pre-production and terminal consumption, and to improve the quality of enterprises’ information. Products are more clearly understood. Provide reliable process records. Users can scan the QR code or barcode on the product package with their mobile phone, and then quickly view the traceability file information of the product from production, processing and inspection to packaging and logistics through pictures, text, real-time video, etc. The whole process is intelligently traced, and the information monitoring of products from raw materials, production and processing, quality inspection, logistics and transportation is formed. By scanning the code, consumers can obtain information on the whole process of commodities from raw material collection to production, processing, and circulation. Through the intelligent interconnection of one thing and one code, the information of each product can be accurately counted, and all the data can be kept by itself, which can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and help enterprises to innovate their brands. Each product has a unique 'ID card' which can record the whole process information such as production, storage, delivery, and sales.
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