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Into the anti-counterfeiting label, introduction of common anti-counterfeiting label technology_Anti-counterfeiting label technology-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-01-09
When a certain product is popular, it will always encounter the problem of being counterfeited and sold, causing manufacturers to face a series of problems such as brand reputation damage and consumer complaints. At this time, enterprises should choose appropriate methods to solve these problems. Different industry products require different anti-counterfeiting solutions. It is necessary to select suitable anti-counterfeiting label products according to product characteristics, industry characteristics and customer needs. As counterfeiting becomes more and more rampant, advanced anti-counterfeiting technology is needed to solve the problem of counterfeiting. 1. Which of the commonly used anti-counterfeiting labels has a good effect. Common anti-counterfeiting label technologies include fragile paper anti-counterfeiting, self-adhesive open-bottom anti-counterfeiting, code anti-counterfeiting, holographic laser anti-counterfeiting and so on. In addition, there are different anti-counterfeiting industry solutions such as anti-counterfeiting scratch cards, certificates of conformity, anti-smuggling, and traceability, which must be selected according to the needs of customers. Common anti-counterfeiting label technology products are as follows: 1. Holographic laser anti-counterfeiting: laser laser anti-counterfeiting labels and laser laser plus code anti-counterfeiting labels are common here. Laser laser anti-counterfeiting label refers to the laser laser content on the transparent PET film; one of our common laser labels is the laser laser plus code anti-counterfeiting label, and the laser label is also called holographic anti-counterfeiting label. , Disposable special laser film, 3D optical miniature background, colorful optical random interference, Chinese and English abbreviations or adding anti-counterfeiting passwords, you can check anti-counterfeiting by phone, text message, website, which refers to the combination of laser anti-counterfeiting and code anti-counterfeiting technology. . 2. Uncover the anti-counterfeiting of the bottom: The principle of the anti-counterfeiting label technology is that the combination of laser anti-counterfeiting and code anti-counterfeiting is both practical and can improve the packaging quality. Scratch off the coating on the laser anti-counterfeiting label, you can see a set of passwords composed of random numbers, dial 400 on the label, and enter the password in turn according to the voice prompts to check the authenticity of the product. Or log in to the inquiry website and enter the password in turn to check the authenticity of the product. 3. Two-dimensional code plus 'electric code' anti-counterfeiting: now the more common should be a kind of anti-counterfeiting label that combines two-dimensional code technology and electrical code anti-counterfeiting technology. This kind of anti-counterfeiting label is more convenient in checking authenticity. The authenticity is mainly inquired through SMS, telephone and website. With the addition of QR code encryption technology, it is also possible to scan the code on WeChat to inquire about the authenticity, and for merchants, it can realize functions such as inquiries about fraudulent goods. Now QR code anti-counterfeiting labels are also used by many product companies, and you can often see them on items. The anti-counterfeiting company will customize the style of the anti-counterfeiting label according to the requirements of the merchant. There are several points to be considered in the label design, what material to use, what style to design, what anti-counterfeiting technology to use, and what content to fill on the surface of the label. We can see that each anti-counterfeiting label has its own unique characteristics. If companies want to know more about anti-counterfeiting labels or need to make anti-counterfeiting labels, you are welcome to call 315 anti-counterfeiting, 315 anti-counterfeiting will provide you with one-stop service.
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