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Introduction of anti-counterfeiting labels_Anti-counterfeiting labels-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-01-01
In recent years, although under the crackdown of government supervision departments, various counterfeit products have decreased a lot. But as long as the cottage is not removed for a day, we cannot take it lightly. In the past, we would attach various anti-counterfeiting signs to the product packaging, but the actual effect was not ideal, because this kind of sign can also be copied and it is very difficult to distinguish. But now the emergence of QR code anti-counterfeiting labels has made fakes nowhere to hide. Let's take a look at this anti-counterfeiting technology. 1. Product introduction With the continuous improvement of anti-counterfeiting technology, the two-dimensional code has also been well developed, and it can be seen anytime, anywhere. Today, anti-counterfeiting experts combine two-dimensional code with anti-counterfeiting to create two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels, breaking through the previous anti-counterfeiting limitations, not only giving anti-counterfeiting labels the marketing function, but also enhancing the image of brand products through gorgeous design, and also bringing customers 2. Product Features A person’s ID number is the same, and consumers can verify the authenticity of the product by scanning the QR code on the product through special software after purchase. 3. Product Advantages The product information QR code encrypted by the anti-counterfeiting label system can be printed or labeled on the product package. After purchase, consumers can decode the product through the official website or designated mobile software to verify the authenticity of the product and obtain detailed information . The QR code can store a wealth of product information through encryption, which is not easy to be copied and stolen. The product information comes from the official release of the enterprise, and the official information source of the inquiry channel is reliable and authoritative. Realize the high efficiency of product information anti-counterfeiting. This kind of anti-counterfeiting label is generally used in combination with other anti-counterfeiting technologies, so that counterfeit goods have nowhere to hide. In addition, the key to the anti-counterfeiting ability of this kind of label is not the label itself, but the supporting anti-counterfeiting label system. A good system can realize the traceability of the entire production and sales process of anti-counterfeiting products, and can also realize other value-added services through QR codes.
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