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Introduction of anti-counterfeiting labels to enhance brand reputation

by:Fullgo     2023-03-01
Increase sales revenue and customize anti-counterfeiting labels. Each product wears an exclusive anti-counterfeiting label, which is convenient for consumers to verify the authenticity of products and protect their own interests. The anti-counterfeiting label is a sign with anti-counterfeiting function to prevent product counterfeiting. Through this mark, it can identify the authenticity of the product, solve the problem of counterfeiting and shoddy, and improve the brand reputation. Anti-counterfeiting labels are used on products. The main purpose is to help companies reduce counterfeit goods, help consumers quickly check the authenticity of products, create a harmonious product sales market, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of brand owners, distributors, and customers. Anti-counterfeiting labels can enhance the brand image of products, and products with anti-counterfeiting labels can reassure customers. For companies that have just started branding in the early stage, the use of anti-counterfeiting labels for products can help build an outstanding brand image for consumers. The label cannot be reused. On the basis of effectively identifying the authenticity of the product, it can also accurately obtain the real information of each link of the production and operation of the product, and realize the functions of product traceability and tracking, anti-smuggling, and product promotion. The use of anti-counterfeiting technology in label production is customized according to the needs of enterprises, and anti-counterfeiting labels that meet their own characteristics are designed for products, thereby completing the anti-counterfeiting of brand products and protecting the rights and interests of all parties. Introduction to anti-counterfeiting labels, a small anti-counterfeiting label is not simple, it is the 'ID card' of the product, which can combine marketing and anti-counterfeiting multi-codes, and the information of the product is recorded and transmitted through the anti-counterfeiting label. Improve the company's brand image, make products look more upscale, improve the level and image of product brands, and increase consumers' dependence on products. Blending multiple anti-counterfeiting technologies, patented anti-counterfeiting technology, cannot be copied. Improve the customer satisfaction of enterprises. Anti-counterfeiting labels refer to the logos that can be pasted and printed on products. Pasting anti-counterfeiting labels is an effective means for enterprises to maintain their own brands. Brand owners use anti-counterfeiting labels to protect their brands; for products with anti-counterfeiting labels, consumers can check the authenticity of the products through the labels after purchasing to understand the product information, so as to protect the rights and interests of consumers. Put anti-counterfeiting labels to prevent counterfeit products that are not recognized by the store owner from appearing on the market. Common anti-counterfeiting technologies: code anti-counterfeiting, holographic laser anti-counterfeiting, two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting, fragile paper anti-counterfeiting, self-adhesive open bottom anti-counterfeiting, embossed shading, security thread, etc., as well as anti-counterfeiting scratch cards, Anti-counterfeiting industry solutions such as certificate of conformity, anti-smuggling, and traceability can be selected according to customer needs.
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