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Introduction of the traceability system, the whole process realizes traceability

by:Fullgo     2023-01-09
Information can be queried to ensure the production quality of products, provide customers with assured products, and enhance the dependence of enterprise product brands and product end consumers, thereby creating value for enterprises. The traceability system is an integrated application of technologies such as the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, and one code for one thing; in the process of product production, product data information can be collected at important links and a product traceability file can be formed. The one-item-one-code traceability system can trace the entire process from raw material processing, to manufacturing, and quality management. Quality control, full traceability of information, information can be viewed, and products can be used with confidence. The introduction of the traceability system, the real-time monitoring system for each manufacturing stage, completes the sharing of traceability information based on the integration with the production system, and improves the collaborative management and control of various stages such as supply, manufacturing, commodity circulation, market sales, and service items. The product management and traceability solution, the platform manages various information of products in and out of the warehouse, and the product flow can be managed and processed by relying on various collected information and data to achieve accurate traceability of the entire product life cycle. The traceability system takes the enterprises involved as the main line of supervision. Through intelligent supervision methods, it can quickly realize the whole chain traceability system of 'product origin - processing place - circulation channel - consumer', so that the source can be traced and the destination can be traced. The quality traceability management system connects every commodity and every transaction, completes the full-step traceability of product inflow, creates a communication bridge among companies, commodities, well-known brands and customers, generates a new upgraded industrial ecology starting from customers, and builds a new and upgraded industrial ecology. Enterprise knowledge management. Improve the satisfaction of the enterprise Information collection in each production link can ensure the quality of each link of the product, quality control is simpler, and it is easier to carry out digital overall management. It connects the origin of commodity ingredients, production and processing and any stage of buyers, so that all transmission chain data is visualized, information content is fully transparent, and the traceability of commodities is completed. Let customers scan the QR code to get the name of the product, product description, production process, specifications, company profile and other information content. Visible product quality, improve consumer trust in the product. The introduction of the traceability system, the use of information technology to track and record the production, circulation, consumption and other links of commodities, and implement information management. Realize the sharing of each product information, and ensure the quality of each product after using the traceability system, so that consumers can buy with confidence. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extend the reading of milk powder traceability code, quality assurance and traceability QR code traceability system, so that the whole chain of product data can be connected
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