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Introduction to the principle of anti-smuggling system to solve the problem of product smuggling

by:Fullgo     2022-12-29
Realize hierarchical management to prevent products from changing prices and disrupting market behavior in the distribution and sales links of channel agents. The system will have specific information records. If the goods are found to be different, the system will issue an early warning. The information input of the anti-smuggling management system can accurately control product circulation, logistics and commercial channels, and realize product anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling; the identification system can be connected from the scanning terminal to the system background, reducing the smuggling of goods and displaying query data. Introduction to the principle of anti-smuggling system, analyze and sort out consumer query data and dealers' smuggling data, and visualize it in the background of the system through reports or charts. Links are supervised to prevent cross-regional smuggling of goods. Monitor the flow of goods in the whole process, supervise distributors in various places, control the flow of products, and continuously supervise the stable development of products. Through the logistics code delivery, you can check the receipt and delivery status of each dealer. At the same time, through the consumer scan code data, you can understand the sales dynamics of dealers at all levels, and the inventory data is displayed in real time. Enterprises manage dealers in a unified way, comprehensively control channels, improve interaction and stickiness with consumers, track product circulation information in real time, product management specifications, dealer management, data rights management and other functions. Realize the monitoring and management of the dealer's product circulation information and sales. By entering the dealer's information, setting and limiting the sales of goods and sales areas, and managing the inbound and outbound warehouses through the logistics code, online real-time monitoring of the smuggling situation, as long as the consumer scans the product online. You can learn the information about the products that are sold by the QR code. Efficiently manage and control channel agents to realize information management of products from production to supply chain, monitor product logistics information online, effectively curb dealers' smuggling of goods, make management more standardized and safer, and deal with various problems of smuggling and disorderly prices of enterprise products. Maintain the sales market of branded products. It can realize one-stop services such as scheme design, production line transformation, product coding, dealer management, anti-smuggling inspection, terminal marketing, etc. Accurately crack down on smuggling behavior. Realize one product, one code, enterprise administrators can clearly see the product circulation according to the encrypted data, and find out who is selling goods in time, which is convenient for processing. Reversely provide early warning information of smuggling goods, enterprises can effectively monitor the phenomenon of smuggling goods, and can also obtain user data information through marketing activities. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading Commodity anti-smuggling system, the advantages of using the anti-smuggling system for channel circulation management and control? Conduct product scan code tracking
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