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Jingyuan summarizes the four principles of flexo printing-Shenzhen Jingyuan Laser Technology Products Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-01-17
        When we make prints, we need to follow a lot of printing principles and use a lot of printing skills, so that we can produce high-quality prints that meet customer requirements. As far as flexographic printing is concerned, there are also many principles and techniques of printing production. Today, the Shanghai Printing Center will briefly summarize the principles of flexographic printing, hoping to help you in your printing work. 1. There are just a few things to say: a. Pay attention to the highlight and cut off the network; b. Pay attention to the use of opposite colors, that is to say, you can use only one opposite color; Flexo printing c. Pay attention to the total amount of ink not exceeding the total amount of ink on the paper quantity. As for the application of spot color, it needs to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. 2. Also pay attention to the position of the registration point. It is easy for the angle to be skewed if it is too far to the side. The spot color has both the net and the field. Whether it is done well on one version, ask the captain's opinion. 3. Small characters, thin lines, multi-color nesting, large background color is separated from the screen version, extra large ink level is printed twice, and the gradient transition is uneven or faulty. 4. a. See how the customer's printing conditions are handled. It is usually a little lower to compensate for the expansion. b. According to the characteristics of flexo printing. For example, make up points in the highlights or cut off the screen, adjust the length of the black version, etc. c. Flexo printing also depends on the thickness, hardness and so on. If it is soft and thick, make up a little bit higher. d. Process according to the number of lines, etc. Those with a high number of lines should be processed more finely, and those with a low number of lines should be sharpened depending on the situation. e. Look at the type of customer. Some are made of milk boxes, some are made of paper cups, some are made of cartons, etc. Different customers have different characteristics and specific requirements. Through the above introduction, I believe that you have understood the basic principles of flexo printing skills. If you want to know more printing production skills and knowledge, please enter the Biyin Market Knowledge Channel. If you want to purchase printed materials, please Enter Jingyuan product channel. Jingyuan professional printing recommendation and print customization platform.
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