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Label traceability, actively participate in anti-counterfeiting

by:Fullgo     2022-10-20
Life cycle control improves the operational efficiency and quality control capabilities of enterprises by monitoring and managing the entire life cycle of products. Form the information monitoring of products from raw materials, production and processing, quality inspection, logistics and transportation. The source of raw materials for product production can be effectively traced, and the production process information can also be directly traced, and a comprehensive understanding of the direct whereabouts of industrial products can be easily traced and traced, and it is convenient for daily work management. Label traceability, scan the code on the mobile phone to view the product information, so that consumers can directly understand the source of the product, truly make the source traceable, where the whereabouts can be traced, and the responsibility can be investigated; help enterprises to divert traffic, and allow consumers to repurchase and consume accurately. Guarantee the product quality traceability system, which can facilitate traceability in management work, implement comprehensive management, effectively improve service quality, promote production capacity, and realize product traceability supervision from the source. Manage the whole life cycle of products from production to sales, so as to achieve the traceability of product raw materials, the traceability of production process, the traceability of product sales information, and the transparent management of all daily work data. Through the traceability system, the product is matched with the QR code, and the corresponding relationship between the product and the person and the warehouse is established. In the process of product production, product data information can be collected at important links and a product traceability file can be formed. Commodity coding ranges from the smallest product packaging to the large packaging, and gives each commodity a unique identity code based on the characteristics of the commodity, and associates the corresponding relationship of multi-level commodity packaging information to avoid the destruction of the encoded data and ensure that each data can be associated and traceable. Accelerate corporate brand communication to achieve quality supervision from the source (ie, production links), establish electronic files for traceability systems, and track and trace products circulating in the market. One object, one code traceability system, to meet the needs of national policies, customize digital marketing solutions, and make traceability + marketing more meet the needs of enterprises. The traceability system is an integrated application of technologies such as the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, and one code for one thing. Let consumers track the whole process of product production, processing and sales, increase customer trust, and ensure product life cycle management. Traceability can not only help enterprises to control the quality of goods, but also has important significance for the promotion of enterprise brands. The traceability system gives each product a unique electronic supervision code, which appears in the form of a two-dimensional code to realize the management of 'one item, one code'.
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