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Laser anti-counterfeiting label, easy to verify the authenticity of goods

by:Fullgo     2023-03-05
Helping customers to distinguish the authenticity of products and anti-counterfeiting labels can play an anti-counterfeiting role, which can be used by consumers to check the authenticity of products. Of course, anti-counterfeiting labels can be anti-counterfeiting and protect the brand; the laser anti-counterfeiting label itself uses a chip, and the data is double-encrypted through an encryption algorithm, which can prevent internal data from being cracked at the root, thereby preventing counterfeiting. As the plasmid carrier of laser holographic painting, laser film can produce composite laser paper card, transport laser paper card, etc. It has high security and anti-counterfeiting, bright colors, and illusion of motion. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels It is also used in packaging, packaging printing, decorative design, and is suitable for alcohol and tobacco, pharmaceutical, health care products and other industries. Help the company to establish a good image. There are laser anti-counterfeiting labels on products, which can distinguish genuine and fake products; enterprise products use laser anti-counterfeiting labels to protect their own interests; laser anti-counterfeiting technology includes laser holographic image anti-counterfeiting, encrypted laser holographic image anti-counterfeiting, laser Photolithography anti-counterfeiting technology, etc. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels that can accurately check the authenticity of products are used on products to make laser anti-counterfeiting labels, which can play a role in brand anti-counterfeiting protection. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels can accurately check the authenticity of products and enhance consumers' shopping experience; jointly crack down on counterfeiting and reduce counterfeit goods, and products use laser anti-counterfeiting labels to establish a brand image. Laser laser self-adhesive labels are produced by laser dot matrix technology, with brilliant colors, high brightness and strong dynamic; the anti-counterfeiting labels completed by laser color hologram plate making technology and molding replication technology, the plate making technology that can be realized: dot matrix dynamic light, Disposable special laser film, 3D optical miniature background, colorful optical random interference, Chinese and English uranium contraction text, etc. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels made of various technologies The requirements of laser anti-counterfeiting labels are to allow consumers to quickly identify the authenticity of products; and anti-counterfeiting labels cannot be copied and difficult to imitate, preventing labels from being used on counterfeit products, so as to achieve the effect of anti-counterfeiting. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels use holographic anti-counterfeiting technology and special equipment to transfer part or all of molded holographic image transfer methods (hot stamping, composite peeling, UV light curing, etc.) to paper to improve anti-counterfeiting performance. Laser holographic technology has anti-counterfeiting function after processing, and new packaging materials and higher-level holographic image identification technology have better anti-counterfeiting function. The anti-counterfeiting principle of laser anti-counterfeiting labels is simply to protect products through the ever-changing dynamic color performance of laser holography and nano-level anti-counterfeiting technology.
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