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Laser anti-counterfeiting label packaging materials

by:Fullgo     2022-10-17
Laser anti-counterfeiting label packaging materials have two functions of anti-counterfeiting and decoration, which change the local anti-counterfeiting method marked by a small laser holographic image to achieve the overall anti-counterfeiting effect. The entire package is laser processed, plus the manufacturer's name, trademark, etc., which is a large-scale subject for anti-counterfeiting, and counterfeiters have no way to start. In addition, the laser packaging material can present colorful colors and printed patterns under the irradiation of light, which makes the appearance bright, and the strange optical effect adds a new, strange and beautiful feeling to the packaging. There are four categories of laser-treated packaging materials: ①Flexible packaging bags: Laser films are made with high-tech, and then compounded with ordinary plastic films, and then printed to form flexible packaging bags of laser materials (called laser flexible packaging bags). ②Hard packing box: One is to first use high-tech to make laser film, then compound it with cardboard, and add printing to form a hard box. The other is to print on a general cardboard box first, and then compound it with a laser-treated glazing film to form a glazing hard box. ③Laser paper: The laser paper is made directly on the paper. The production process of laser paper is more difficult and the cost is higher. But its advantages are: easy to print, easy to handle, no environmental problems; some products must be packaged in paper, which is especially suitable, such as cigarette boxes, bottle stickers, labels, tax stickers, calendars, gift bags, etc. In order to increase the anti-counterfeiting effect, the manufacturer can use the special holographic pattern logo as the base texture of the paper, and add the product graphics to make a unique special packaging paper. ④At present, there is also a high-grade anodized aluminum product of hot stamping foil processed by laser. The logo specially made with it can be displayed in multi-dimensional stereo. You can use a computer to design a dynamic picture, or reserve 'light spots' for encryption, and make the main pattern display different patterns under different viewing angles. After the hot stamping foil is combined with the surface of the package, it is integrated with the package to achieve the dual effect of anti-counterfeiting and beautiful appearance.
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