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Laser anti-counterfeiting labels to enhance product value

by:Fullgo     2022-10-16
Reducing counterfeiting behavior Generally speaking, the true and false can be distinguished by naked eye observation, and the temperature change anti-counterfeiting system label is convenient and quick. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels are also called holographic anti-counterfeiting labels, which are anti-counterfeiting labels completed by laser color hologram plate-making technology and molding replication technology. The anti-counterfeiting labels produced by laser colorful hologram plate-making skills and molding imitation skills can achieve anti-counterfeiting effects, and the labels are difficult to forge and protect brand products. Flat label: suitable for manual production lines, flat printing, usually manual labeling. The characteristics are: the labels pressed by the same template are the same, but the template is affected by various parameters and environmental conditions during the lithography process, and it is impossible to complete the same two templates, which is also the most important anti-counterfeiting of laser marking. one of the characteristics. Anti-counterfeiting identification features Strong sleeve label: It belongs to the flat label, usually manual labeling, which refers to the label that has an associated relationship and appears according to the group, and there is a certain proportional relationship before a group, which is usually used for anti-smuggling. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels are available in gold, silver, red, blue, green, etc. Realizable plate making technology: dot matrix dynamic light, one-time special laser film, 3D optical miniature background, colorful optical random interference, Chinese and English uranium shortened text, etc. Laser-molded holographic anti-counterfeiting signs and hologram imaging technologies can be divided into classic, three-dimensional laser-molded holographic anti-counterfeiting signs, synthetic molding, multi-image laser molding, dynamic molding, dynamic grating molding, invisible holographic molding, and anti-counterfeiting ink encryption laser. Molded and other holographic anti-counterfeiting signs. Create a harmonious product market environment Technological security and confidentiality: The technology for designing and producing anti-counterfeiting technology products should have security and confidentiality; that is, to meet the requirements of anti-counterfeiting technology while reducing the cost of use. For the identification of laser marks, the general user mainly observes with the naked eye, and can also observe the internal engraving characteristics through microscopic equipment, so as to identify the authenticity. Application method, label label: suitable for automatic production line, according to the actual requirements of the production line, it can realize the labeling in different directions, and the labeling machine can complete the automatic labeling action. Anti-scanning: Using modern ultra-high-precision scanners and photoplates can no longer render lines, which can prevent the printed matter from being copied. Image processing: use different lines, combine with the background pattern of the printed matter, and then generate various anti-counterfeiting effects according to different data programs. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extend reading book anti-counterfeiting labels, what is the role of product authenticity identification anti-counterfeiting labels? Deepen customer trust in the brand
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