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Marketing award card production, event solutions

by:Fullgo     2023-03-13
Strong communication ability One-thing-one-code marketing integrated solution, Moments Marketing: With the help of WeChat's sharing, fission, and communication capabilities, it can give full play to the social value of users and enhance the company's Moments marketing capabilities. Help brands to count users' native data, behavior data, transaction data, and scene data. At the same time, these user data are precipitated as private data assets of brand owners, laying the most important cornerstone for the next step of marketing. A small card is used to realize the function of product marketing, make marketing award cards, and endow one item with one code marketing function, so that each product can be marketed by brand owners, one code for one product, to ensure the uniqueness of the QR code, and scan the code for shopping. Rewards, buy more, scan more and receive more. The popularity is hot. Various marketing interactive games are deployed through the intelligent marketing background. Consumers can scan the code and follow the brand's official account, and then they can participate in the activities and get rewards. The One Thing One Code event is mainly divided into two dimensions, one for collecting points and one for drawing prizes. One item, one code can not only solve the problem of brand content marketing, but also provide functions such as scanning code to send red envelopes, anti-counterfeiting traceability, points mall, big data analysis, etc., allowing enterprises to realize Internet-based operations and open up new development prospects with intelligent marketing methods . The product marketing card scan code can receive red envelopes, arouse consumers’ interest in participating, one code for one item, multiple scans for one code, public account marketing, circle of friends marketing, red envelope wall, H5 micro-activities, shopping guide rebates, points mall, set label traceability , Anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling, member activities, data collection. The marketing code with strong visual impact is used to help products do marketing, and the marketing card is also used to promote products in marketing activities. The intelligent marketing code and various marketing methods help brands attract fans and retain them. Tailor-made marketing award cards for brand products, through marketing digital technology, can make marketing behavior and consumer behavior all recordable data, and through the entire data exchange, realize the subversive optimization and upgrade of the entire marketing system. Through marketing activities, increase fans for the brand's official account and form the brand's private domain traffic. The setting of the points membership marketing system makes consumers deeply feel that points can be spent as money, thereby improving the conversion rate of fans and enhancing the viscosity between products and consumers. One item, one code marketing system can not only provide users with promotional information, but also manage users in a unified manner for enterprises, allowing enterprises and users to communicate in real time.
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