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Marketing scratch card making to deepen customers' memory of products

by:Fullgo     2022-12-16
Data visualization uses marketing scratch cards and in-depth management of fans to form closed-loop marketing, promote new marketing transformation, improve repurchase rates, and visualize product data to help companies formulate marketing strategies. The marketing link can be divided into user insight, user contact, user conversion and user operation. By carrying out full-link marketing, brand owners can comprehensively manage consumers and enhance the value of consumers in their entire life cycle. Marketing scratch card making, scan the code to receive red envelopes, one item, one code, one red envelope, sweep code lottery promotion, follow, share, WeChat marketing, data collection, anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling; scratch off the coating and scan the code, you can get cash red envelopes, attracting Consumers participate in product marketing activities. Formulate marketing strategies and product marketing scratch cards, so that the marketing funds of manufacturers and brands can reach consumers directly. After purchasing, consumers can scan the codes through packaging and product QR codes (one code for one item), and directly pass cash red envelopes, lottery draws, and games. Flexible and customizable marketing programs. Help brand products quickly seize the market, spread among consumers, and increase product sales and repurchase rates. Consumers scan the code to receive red envelopes, actively help companies forward marketing activities, and get small gifts, thereby expanding brand awareness and increasing product exposure. Anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling, generate a unique identification mark for each product, obtain the precise location of the scan code through GPS, and track the flow of each product; the uniqueness of the two-dimensional code ensures the unique identification mark; display product information, the time of the first scan code, Number of scan codes; set the sales location, and scan the codes in different places to send smuggling alerts. Consumers scan the code to participate in marketing activities to empower the brand and increase product sales. The form of scan code interaction is used to build a bridge of communication between brand owners and consumers, to meet the personalized interaction between brands and consumers, and to enhance consumers' awareness of the brand. product approval. The marketing scratch card is a small card that can endow a variety of marketing functions. The system generates a QR code and prints a marketing QR code card. Consumers can scan the code to participate in marketing activities, receive corresponding red envelopes, and participate in novel marketing. Activity. It greatly improves consumers' sense of participation and experience, cultivates fan groups, establishes private domain traffic pools, and enhances consumers' stickiness to the brand. Set up various marketing activities, respectively set up prizes and winning rates to help brands increase product sales and gain consumer trust.
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