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Measures to prevent smuggling? Establish an anti-smuggling system

by:Fullgo     2022-12-11
Principle: Use anti-counterfeiting codes, laser holographic images and other means to identify commodities to achieve the main purpose of identifying authenticity. Realize the whole process tracking of product storage, transportation, sales and after-sales. Strict implementation of the monitoring and anti-smuggling system is a set that can effectively strengthen the management and control of lower-level dealers. All can record a clear management system, real-time supervision and control of the whole process. Measures to prevent smuggling? Answer: Establish an anti-smuggling system, assign an ID to each product, and track distribution information, product information, and price control of various commodities at any time through the headquarters and agents at all levels, strictly prevent dealer price confusion, and eliminate dealers who violate agency behavior. The agent qualification of the product, and the phenomenon of product smuggling is classified as smuggling behavior. Perfect network management system Agent management: There are agents in each region, and the agents are divided into different levels; the hierarchical management of agents in each region is realized, so as to complete the unified management of agents. Consumers can scan the code to participate in product marketing activities and enjoy the company's promotional offers. The anti-smuggling QR code is used to manage the product code of the enterprise, and the sales area and other information can be loaded. After scanning the code, the product code can be tracked and the product circulation process can be monitored. Prevent the vicious competition of products in the circulation link and ensure the channel interests of distributors; consumers can also scan the code to identify the authenticity of the product and query information. The anti-smuggling system can help enterprises to manage in-out and out of warehouses at all levels, and the geolocation function can accurately lock the whereabouts of products, corresponding to agents and stores. Constrain the market behavior of dealers Through the management of each product, box marking and related sets of codes, accurately collect product warehousing data, and ensure that enterprises can grasp product process data monitoring in a timely manner. Functions: automatic warning of smuggling goods, data analysis of smuggling goods, information management of products from warehouse to supply chain, dealing with various problems of smuggling goods and disordered prices of enterprise products, and maintaining the sales market of brand products. Special technology for printing and pasting special marks on product packaging and labels to prevent products from being imitated and counterfeited. Provide a unique anti-smuggling code for each product, the agent can scan the item, the enterprise monitors the flow of the goods throughout the process, and solves the problem of smuggling from the source.
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