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Medical device traceability, allowing consumers to increase trust

by:Fullgo     2022-11-06
The traceability of the whole industry chain realizes the rapid collection and summary of key information such as product formula ingredients, supply of raw and auxiliary materials, product production batches, relevant responsible personnel, product inspection, and sales whereabouts; medical devices can be traced, and product-related information can be easily inquired. Such as: labels, outer packaging, quality standards, factory inspection reports and other information. As long as the traceability is done well, customers will trust the brand more and increase the purchase rate of goods; the traceability system is based on modern information technology means, and uses a series of intelligent terminal products embedded with digital technology to standardize the data of the main links of production, processing, circulation and consumption Record, store, upload, and transmit work, and realize all-round supervision and data traceability of the production process. Quality information management binds product and container information, which is convenient for quickly finding goods and improving shelf utilization. One item, one code, is conducive to managing product batches and reducing backlogs and losses. To achieve one code for one product, consumers can scan the traceable source code to understand all the information of the product, realize the visible effect of product quality, so as to supervise the whole process of the product and improve the quality of the product. By building a product QR code quality traceability system, enterprises can achieve precise management of the production and processing process of product raw materials, supervise and supervise, from source to process, ensure product quality, and make consumers more assured of the company's products. The establishment of a traceability system, that is, traceability from consumption, circulation to production, that is, product quality traceability, product quality traceability; the bill of materials supports multiple versions of the same product, and can know and take action in time according to the product's certificate or label. Traceable production management with traceability is to manage from the source, record and collect data in real time, monitor and record each key link, and comprehensively control the sales and delivery of goods. Traceable, easy to deal with problems and easy to handle and recall; traceability can improve consumer experience and brand reputation; it allows managers to master the full data of goods, and can carry out goods and marketing management in a timely manner. The product traceability system establishes a unified platform, unified standard, and unified specification system, including: information identification, system data format, system specification and other elements to realize the exchange of product data and information, through the top-level design standards and basis, to indicate the construction direction of the traceability system at all levels, Play the true role of product traceability throughout the chain.
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