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Medical device traceability, convenient product management

by:Fullgo     2022-11-06
Transparent product information, remote monitoring of product inspection, rapid traceability to the source of quality, and verification of the authenticity of the product through QR code identification; quick query of the whereabouts, name, batch, specification, manufacturer, production date, and other detailed information of the product. At this stage, by using the product traceability system, major enterprises can effectively reduce work costs and improve work management efficiency. In the management of information records in each link, they can be more complete and accurate, so that product quality can be comprehensively improved. Use the two-dimensional code traceability system for medical devices, from raw materials to terminal store management, information entry in each process, and attach the traceability logo to the product, which is convenient for regulatory authorities and manufacturers to query product information, so as to have a full understanding of the product . Help enterprises to achieve accurate marketing and deal with various problems: from the perspective of people, materials, equipment, processes, etc., to analyze data, learn the key reasons that affect product quality, so as to improve product production process, product quality, and customer satisfaction. Medical device manufacturers can trace the entire process of information from procurement, production, factory inspection to distribution and sales; realize the exchange of product data and information, and specify the construction direction of the traceability system at all levels through top-level design standards and basis, and play the true role of full-chain traceability. Medical device traceability, establish electronic traceability information records that match the production process, production scale, distribution channels, and sales system, and realize the product formula composition, raw and auxiliary material supply, product production batches, relevant responsible personnel, product inspection, and sales whereabouts. Quickly collect and summarize key information. To avoid the spread of problematic products, help enterprises to establish a medical device traceability management platform, open up the entire process of product production, processing, and circulation, and form a complete source traceability. The establishment of a product traceability system can adjust the production plan and switch the raw materials in time for the problems found on the production site, so as to avoid the repeated production of defective products and cause greater losses. Product information can be shared quickly, making various decisions easier, and avoiding wasting too much time at work; it is really helpful for companies to increase profits and reduce operating costs. The use of Shanghai Zhongshang Network Product Traceability System can meet specific needs in practical applications and meet professional and intelligent management standards. Product traceability QR code, a complete set of supply chain management, independent control of the entire production, packaging, sales and other links.
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