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Medical devices use anti-smuggling systems to track and locate product locations

by:Fullgo     2022-12-21
It is convenient to solve the problem in a timely manner through market supervision, auxiliary inspection by consumers, various forms of monitoring, and evidence obtained by distributors at all levels. By entering the dealer information, setting and limiting the sales of goods and sales areas, and managing the inbound and outbound goods through the logistics code, online real-time monitoring of the smuggling situation, as long as the consumer scans the QR code offline and finds the smuggled goods, he can know the smuggled goods. information. Track the flow of products in the whole process, and realize the whole life cycle management of medical device production, sales, circulation and service. All links in the production process of commodities can be recorded to form a data chain, and all relevant information can be traced from the terminal to the starting end. The whole process of product sales tracks and supervises distributors in various places, controls the flow of products, and continuously controls the stable development of products. Even if there is a smuggling of goods, it is convenient for enterprises to find the location of the smuggling goods, and prevent the dealers from smuggling the goods. Medical devices use the anti-smuggling system, record the information of products in and out of the warehouse through the one-item-one-code QR code technology, and control the whole process of product circulation channels, strengthen the supervision of each production link, and improve the channel of brand owners. control ability. Each product is assigned a code to record information, and the production process and quality inspection of the product are recorded in batches. Each product is bound with a logistics code to track products in real time, locate products, and view product trends; once the goods are sold, immediately Turn on alerts to stop smuggling. Help solve the problem of dealers' smuggling of goods. The use of the anti-smuggling system for medical devices can realize the automatic identification of the tracking system, connect from the scanning terminal to the system background, reduce the smuggling of goods, and display the query data. Real-time tracking of product flow, quick recall of problematic products, accurate control of product inventory and sales, and preventing agents from smuggling goods across regions. Real-time monitoring of the flow of products and the flow of goods in various places, so as to avoid cross-selling. Realize the information management of products from production to supply chain, can deal with various problems of smuggling and disorderly price of enterprise products, and maintain the sales market of brand products. Ensuring the unimpeded sales of products in various channels and links is the fundamental basis for product sales promotion and the standard for managing product circulation. By assigning each product an exclusive QR code logo, and combining the QR code with the anti-smuggling system, after the product is scanned from the agent and shipped out of the warehouse, the product will also establish a binding relationship with the store information. Accurately tracking each single product allows enterprises to know the whereabouts of each product and achieve early warning of smuggling.
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