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Milk powder traceability code, quality assurance and traceability

by:Fullgo     2022-10-30
The product traceability system to manage products from the source has achieved the participation of supply chain members, and the disclosure and transparency of information in each key link has increased the transparency of product traceability. You can inquire about the product's origin information, production enterprise information, product inspection information, transaction information and other related information, realize the information traceability between the pre-production and terminal consumption, and have a clearer understanding of the company's products. The product is given traceability source code, one item and one code correspond to each other, and the supplier will make a record when it leaves the factory. There is a suspicion of smuggling goods, which is convenient and quick to deal with. The process of improving the product traceability system is very close, and the safety requirements are also very high. The functions are many and complete. The traceability system greatly improves work efficiency, enhances safety, and completes the process control of milk powder traceability. The milk powder traceability system records the whole life cycle information of each can of milk powder through the traceability QR code, from the raw materials of milk powder to processing, warehousing and delivery, to circulation and sales, and each process has a clear record. Through the traceability system, each milk powder is given a unique traceability code, and the product is bound one-to-one. Consumers can scan the code to obtain the detailed information of the product and the number of inquiries. If it is the first time to be inquired, it can be considered that the Goods are industry authentic. The information of each link is clear and intuitive, and the one-item-one-code traceability system gives each product a unique identity code, and product information can be queried, allowing consumers to buy with confidence and helping enterprises establish a good reputation. Enterprise brands use the traceability system, and use this system to generate milk powder traceability codes, so that consumers can understand the production and distribution process that meets the quality, and improve consumers' confidence. The product traceability system can realize anti-counterfeiting, anti-smuggling, traceability, marketing, big data statistics and other functions in one stop, record product information, generate QR code traceability labels, and paste complete labels on product packaging. Once a problem is found, effective control and recall can be carried out based on traceability to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers from the source. Comprehensive use of network technology, identification technology, etc., to achieve integrated multi-terminal product quality traceability.
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