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Milk powder traceability code, real-time grasp of product information

by:Fullgo     2023-01-21
Eliminating product counterfeiting provides consumers with a channel that can be traced, and can easily query product-related information, thereby improving customers' awareness and satisfaction of products, brands, and companies. Use data collection equipment to track product information in the whole process, and achieve full-process traceability and supervision of all aspects of products through flow direction management, consumer inquiry and channel inspection. The construction of the traceability system is an effective measure to collect and record the information of product production, circulation, consumption and other links, realize the source can be traced, the destination can be traced, the responsibility can be investigated, and the quality and safety management and risk control of the whole process can be strengthened. The milk powder QR code traceability system helps manufacturing enterprises to improve product quality and service quality, improve corporate image, and product traceability, that is, product quality traceability or product quality traceability, mainly focusing on traceability and quality control. The entire production process information can be recorded and traced. Anti-counterfeiting labels cannot be forged, so as to improve the anti-counterfeiting threshold, do a good job in brand anti-counterfeiting, and improve consumers' favorability and trust in the brand. Bringing traceable and transparent solutions to the product industry helps the regulatory authorities to strictly monitor the production, delivery, circulation, transportation and storage of products until product consumption. Enterprises use the milk powder traceability code to carry out full-cycle traceability management of products, tracking from raw materials to terminal stores, recording product information, and controlling all links, so as to achieve the whole process of milk powder tracking. After purchasing, users can directly scan the QR code on the product packaging, and can trace a series of detailed information of the product, including: details from production, packaging, warehousing, and distributors. Such information transparency is more conducive to strengthening customers. The trust degree of the product, let users know that the product is genuine and genuine. Information query traces the benefits of anti-counterfeiting labels, establishes brand image, increases product sales, safeguards self-interest, allows consumers to recognize brands, and enhances product brand awareness. Management of full-chain traceable information such as inspection, storage, and sales in the production and operation process; full-cycle traceability of products, information sharing, and viewing of quality information, production process and other information. Consumers can play their role in market supervision, strengthen the awareness of commodity rights protection, and urge enterprises to strengthen quality construction. The milk powder traceability system realizes the information of product origin, processing, circulation, and sales, and creates healthy brand products. The development of the product quality traceability system is based on the technology of one item, one code, and supervises the essence of the milk source. Consumers can understand the production process and quality of the product. The convenient and fast way not only caters to the modern people's rhythm of life. Pursuit, and to a great extent, satisfies consumers' thirst for knowledge of product details.
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