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Milk powder traceability, lean production management

by:Fullgo     2022-10-30
Improve the efficiency of management A two-dimensional code traceability label is attached to the product package. Consumers can scan the label with their mobile phones to view product information, monitor each production link in real time, realize traceability data sharing, and enhance supply, production, circulation, sales, Coordinated supervision of various links such as services to ensure product quality throughout the process. Product production, processing, packaging, quality inspection, transportation and sales and other links need to formulate a unified standard system, through the product traceability system, to achieve the interconnection of product data and information, product traceability to establish a unified platform, unified standards, unified standard system, including information Identification, system data format, system specification and other elements. Each link is clear at a glance, strengthen the exchange and sharing of traceability information, realize the traceability of all varieties and the whole process, promote the comprehensive management of product quality, and improve the level of product quality assurance. Milk powder traceability, raw material, procurement, production, flow, consumption full digital identity monitoring, to achieve product anti-counterfeiting, anti-channeling, digital integrated solutions for supply chain management. Realize the exchange of product data and information, specify the construction direction of the traceability system at all levels through the top-level design standards and basis, and play the true role of product traceability throughout the chain. The origin of milk powder is traceable, and the traceability system is a set of systems that can link the terminal milk powder with the production base in a short period of time, and openly and transparently show every link of the product circulation. Improve the work efficiency of each link. Enterprises strictly control product quality and strengthen brand effect; enterprises can use the quality traceability system platform as their own certification certificate to provide evidence to regulatory authorities or the public to achieve self-protection, protect their own interests and reputation, and start from the source. to avoid product accidents. Traceability means tracing back to the source, exploring the essence and source of things; at the level of market operation, traceability has two meanings, tracking and tracing; tracing, that is, forward tracing, the ability to follow the flow of goods from output to sale ; Traceability, that is, reverse traceability, the ability to reversely identify the source of goods. Raw material traceability is to ensure the reliability of product raw materials through the traceability of product production raw materials; the source of raw materials for many products determines the quality and price of products. The traceability system can record and save product traceability data in a timely and accurate manner, and form an interconnected product traceability data chain, so that the whole process of milk powder production, circulation and use can be traced and the source can be traced. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading agricultural product traceability system, the visual management of the entire production process agricultural product quality and safety traceability system, enhances the sense of responsibility of the enterprise
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