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Milk powder traceability system to make product processing transparent

by:Fullgo     2022-10-30
Increase the brand value The milk powder traceability system collects the information of enterprise self-inspection in each link of raw material source, production, circulation, consumption, etc., and collects the supervision and sampling inspection information of milk powder by the supervision department. The system can quickly locate the problem product, achieve accurate recall, avoid the spread of the problem product, and reduce the negative impact on the enterprise. Realize forward traceability, reverse traceability, risk control, product recall, reasons can be found out, and responsibilities can be investigated. The whole-process product traceability management system composed of production and manufacturing traceability intelligent management system, logistics and transportation scanning and scanning, market sales traceability, and customer inquiry connects any stage of commodity raw materials, production and processing, and buyers, making all transmission chain data visualization and information content. Fully transparent, complete product traceability. Consumers can check the production date, batch, producer, production license, ingredient list and other information of milk powder through smartphones and platform websites. The production of the quality traceability system can effectively improve consumers' trust in the enterprise and increase the sales volume of the enterprise brand. In the whole process of product production, production, transportation and use, paperless operation is adopted to reduce possible errors caused by human operation and improve the quality of each product. Link work efficiency. Through the strict control and management of the two-dimensional code traceability system, each product that leaves the factory can be traced through the code scan to trace the production information, raw material information, and quality inspection reports. The milk powder traceability system integrates real-time traceability from milk source, raw materials, quality, inventory, production, channels, and stores through the use of one-item-one-code technology and Internet technology. To ensure the quality of the product manufacturing process, according to the one-item-one-code traceability system, the remote control and real-time monitoring of the product manufacturing, storage, and transportation processes has been completed; a traceability management method by raw materials and manufacturing plants has been created. The traceability system is suitable for various industries, such as: pet supplies, home appliances, food, health products, building materials, beverages, cosmetics, auto parts, tea, baby products, agricultural products, cosmetics, etc. Milk powder traceability system, effective brand promotion, quality traceability, data management, quality standard management, quality control report management, play the role of publicizing enterprises and speeding up corporate brand communication. Use the mobile phone scan code function to handle the picking and delivery of materials, scan the QR code on the product identification card, and display the raw material code, raw material name, raw material batch, weight, storage time, quality status and other information in real time.
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