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One item, one code creative marketing plan, creating a collection of one code and multiple scans

by:Fullgo     2023-02-05
Cultivating consumer loyalty can motivate terminal sales staff. For each product sold, the promoter can scan the code to receive a bonus, which can improve the salesperson's sales enthusiasm and increase product sales. Personalized product marketing services, consumers trust and love more, and upgrade according to users' habits, so that consumers can participate more in the brand's marketing activities. The one-thing-one-code marketing system has become a product marketing tool, helping merchants to do marketing, and playing a role in brand promotion, increasing the repurchase rate, increasing product sales, and enhancing brand awareness. Through cash red envelopes, points, and rebates as prizes, platform drainage, improve user stickiness, establish a big data platform, support digital user operations, and lay the foundation for secondary marketing. Intelligent, precise and intelligent marketing escorts enterprise products, and provides strong support for enterprises to realize informatization strategy, carry out digital management and mobile marketing. It can be attracted to the private domain traffic pool of the brand through marketing activities, such as: paying attention to the WeChat public account, using a variety of incentives to enhance customers’ awareness and understanding of the product and the brand’s recognition. purchase. One object, one code creative marketing plan, formulate marketing strategies for enterprises, carry out a series of promotional activities, online and offline two-way marketing, integrate corporate resources; online and offline marketing interaction, formulate creative marketing plans, let brands seize market. Through the analysis of user big data, brand enterprises can always grasp the initiative of operation, help enterprise brands to carry out online and offline two-way channel promotion, realize online interaction between brands and consumers, and improve consumers' brand loyalty and stickiness. The important channel connecting brands and consumers provides strong support for enterprises to realize informatization strategy, carry out digital management and mobile marketing. Scan the QR code to participate in marketing activities, get corresponding small gifts or red envelopes, enhance consumers' recognition of brand owners, enhance product image, and increase customer stickiness. Through background dynamic data, real-time monitoring of terminal sales, quantitative investment and dynamic adjustment. Precipitating a more accurate and sticky private domain traffic database for the brand, through a series of marketing activities, the interaction between consumers and the brand can be strengthened. Enterprises can directly view user data such as code scanning time, location, and geographic distribution in the background, and keep abreast of product trends and marketing effects, so as to quickly and effectively adjust the next marketing plan, make user operations more efficient, and further improve user experience.
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