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One item, one code for food can be traced to realize information interconnection

by:Fullgo     2022-12-28
Control and supervision provide completely transparent management, guarantee the visual control, monitoring and traceability of food throughout the process; provide consumers with the right to know, enabling them to inquire about the source and production process of purchased food through the system. Each link has data collection and recording, forming a chain-style traceability file of food production, and through a unique QR code association, consumers can scan the QR code to retrieve the traceability file of the corresponding food. The establishment of the one-item-one-code traceability system facilitates the authenticity check of end users after purchasing a product, and can efficiently and conveniently participate in the marketing activities of the enterprise, obtain a better consumption experience, and enhance the favorability of the brand. Improve the degree of production automation The product traceability system can manage all links from production to sales, and product problems can be traced back to people, improving the production management capability of the entire product. Through the traceability of the whole process, the recognition of consumers is obtained, so that they are willing to spread to more customers. It has realized the whole process of food information records of production places, wholesale markets, stores and other circulation links, and achieved the effect of interlocking and well-documented. One code of food can be traced, and the key information of each link of the enterprise can be recorded and transmitted to the central database through the system, forming data for query, traceability and recall, which can realize: consumers can query and verify the key information of the product, and feel more assured purchase; enterprises can achieve traceability and recall management through information management. Effectively track and trace the whole process. The whole process of product traceability refers to the whole process information data that runs through the enterprise from raw material procurement, processing and packaging, quality inspection and warehousing, logistics and circulation, and terminal sales. Facilitate business decisions such as production and sales. The food traceability system mainly uses one item, one code technology, combined with network technology and database technology to realize the functions of information fusion, query and monitoring, and provides reasonable decisions for each production stage of food and the process of distribution to the final consumer, and realizes food safety early warning mechanism. In the traceability process, all food information can be mastered. Consumers can know the source, origin, production date, production batch, and production factory, production Workshop and other content, in a true sense, the whole process of food production can be recorded and the source can be traced. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extend the reading of the drug traceability system to assist enterprises in creating product value through digital traceability throughout the entire process, and the entire process information is completely transparently displayed
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